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By: Bertram G. Katzung MD, PhD

  • Professor Emeritus, Department of Cellular & Molecular Pharmacology, University of California, San Francisco

Any headache ful lling criterion C c) pain is temporarily abolished by local anaes B order 30 mg stendra super force mastercard erectile dysfunction Clinical order stendra super force 30 mg line erectile dysfunction drugs injection, nasal endoscopic and/or imaging evidence thesia of the relevant nerve root of a hypertrophic or in ammatory process within 1 2 proven 30 mg stendra super force erectile dysfunction zinc. Often there are lancinations of pain in one in (with or without treatment) or worsening of of the areas subserved by the upper cervical roots on the nasal lesion one or both sides generic stendra super force 30mg erectile dysfunction most effective treatment, generally in the occipital, retroauri 3. A source of myofascial pain in the muscles of the Note: neck, including reproduceable trigger points, has Examples are concha bullosa and nasal septal spur. Remission of headache is more suggestive of disorder a psychiatric cause when a major depressive disorder improves under treatment with other type of antide Introduction pressants shown to be less e ective in headache Headaches are commonly associated with various psy treatment. Any headache ful lling criterion C describe the association between comorbid headache B. Headache occurs exclusively in the context of actual probably re ects common underlying risk factors or or threatened separation from home or from major aetiologies. Thus, either the headache onset occurs simultaneously with the psychiatric disorder or the headache clearly Comment: worsens after the psychiatric disorder becomes evident. Separation anxiety disorder is persistent, typically last De nite biomarkers and clinical proof of headache cau ing at least 6 months, although a shorter duration sation are di cult to obtain, and the diagnosis should may meet diagnostic criteria in cases of acute onset be based on high levels of clinical suspicion. The disorder causes clinically sig those cases where it occurs solely in the context of ni cant distress and/or impairment in social, aca actual or threatened separation, without any better demic, occupational and/or other important areas of explanation. Headache occurs exclusively when the patient is sants, are e ective against headache disorders even exposed or anticipating exposure to the phobic when depression is not present. This makes it di cult stimulus to determine whether remission of or improvement in a D. Behaviours asso ciated with this disorder include avoidance of activities or events with possible negative outcomes, marked A12. Headache occurs solely when the patient is exposed disorder or anticipating exposure to social situations D. The person fears that he or she will act in a way or show anxiety symptoms that will cause Note: him or her to be negatively evaluated. The fear or anxiety is out of proportion to the actual threat posed by the Comments: social situation. The disorder is persistent, typically Exposure to actual or threatened death, serious injury lasting 6 or more months. Any headache ful lling criterion C cers repeatedly exposed to details of child abuse). After migraine or cluster headache, a low-grade In migraine, for example, the most frequent are non-pulsating headache without accompanying nausea, vomiting, photophobia and phonophobia; symptoms may persist, but this is not part of the osmophobia, diarrhoea and other symptoms occur attack and is not included in duration. Judgement is required to make the distinction (see Aura: Early symptoms of an attack of migraine with also Frequency of attacks). The aura typically lasts 20–30 minutes and gular pattern of attacks of headache (or pain) (qv) of precedes the headache. Through long usage Prodrome, Premonitory symptoms, Warning symp the term has acquired special meaning in the context toms and Neurological symptoms. Chronic: In pain terminology, chronic denotes persis Facial pain: Pain below the orbitomeatal line, above the tence over a period longer than three months. The trigeminal autonomic cephalalgias are Frequency of attacks: the rate of occurrence of attacks the exception: in these disorders, chronic is not used of headache (or pain) (qv) per time period (commonly until the disorder has been unremitting for more than one month). Speci c temporal relations may be known for practical solution, especially in di erentiating attacks disorders of acute onset where causation is likely, but recorded as diary entries over the previous month, to have often not been studied su ciently. For chronic count as distinct attacks only those that are separated disorders the temporal relation as well as causation by an entire day headache-free. Headache: Pain (qv) located above the orbitomeatal Cluster headache attack: One episode of continuous line. Headache days: Number of days during an observed Cluster period: the time during which cluster headache period of time (commonly 1 month) a ected by head attacks occur regularly and at least once every other ache for any part or the whole of the day. Cluster remission period: the time during which attacks Heterotropia: Manifest strabismus. To be considered a in terms of its functional consequence and scored on remission, the attack-free period must exceed one a verbal four-point scale: 0, no pain; 1, mild pain, month. It may occurring before the aura in migraine with aura and also be expressed on a visual analogue scale. Lancinating: Brief, electric, shock-like along a root or Among the common premonitory symptoms are: fati nerve. Neuropathy: A disturbance of function or pathological Referred pain: Pain (qv) perceived in another area than change in a nerve or nerves (in one nerve: mono the one where nociception arises. The term neuropathy is not intended to cover neura Scintillation: Visual hallucinations that are bright and praxia, neurotmesis, section of a nerve, disturbances uctuate in intensity, often at approximately 8–10 of a nerve due to transient impact such as a blow, cycles/second. New headache: Any type, subtype or subform of head Stab of pain: Sudden pain (qv) lasting a minute or less ache (qv) from which the patient was not previously (usually a second or less). Substance: Organic or inorganic chemical, food or Not su ciently validated: Of doubtful validity as a diag additive, alcoholic beverage, gas or vapour, drug or nostic entity judged from the experience of the sub medication, herbal, animal or other substance given committee and/or controversy in the literature. Tenderness: A feeling of discomfort or pain caused by Pain: An unpleasant sensory and emotional experience pressure that would not normally be su cient to associated with actual or potential tissue damage, or cause such sensations. Neuropathic pain, Central neuropathic pain and Unilateral: On either the right or the left side, not cross Peripheral neuropathic pain). Unilateral headache does not neces Pericranial muscles: Neck muscles, muscles of mastica sarily involve all of the right or left side of the head, tion, facial muscles of expression and speech and but may be frontal, temporal or occipital only. Phonophobia: Hypersensitivity to sound, usually caus Warning symptoms: Previously used term for either ing avoidance.

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Contamination of small batches of drug by an unknown substance may be responsible for this buy generic stendra super force 30 mg on line erectile dysfunction treatment nasal spray, because the observed cases are locally clustered best 60mg stendra super force impotence in the sun also rises. Heroin affects the respiratory control centres which may lead to cheap stendra super force 60mg on line erectile dysfunction medication reviews fatal pulmonary depression (White and Irvine generic stendra super force 30 mg free shipping erectile dysfunction journals, 1999). Like other opiates, heroin is known to release histamine (Edston and Hage-Hamsten, 1997, Withington et al. Infections at injection sites and collapsed veins resulting from repeated injections are very common. Some patients develop renal insufficiency after intravenous heroin use (Rice et al. The predominant renal lesion in black heroin users is focal segmental glomerulosclerosis and in white heroin users membrano-proliferative glomerulonephritis that may result in renal failure (Cunningham et al. It is not known whether heroin is causal in the development of renal disease or whether the disease is related to socioeconomic, genetic, cultural or behavioural factors. No well-designed prospective epidemiological studies exist that have assessed the incidence and prevalence of renal disease in heroin users (Jaffe and Kimmel, 2006b). Malnutrition, poor housing, untreated illness and frequent use of and physical dependence on other psychoactive drugs, together with heroin dependence, are likely to result in a generally poor condition and lowered resistance to disease. Heroin users have a death rate 13-17 times that of their age matched peers, and a 14-fold risk of suicide (Darke et al. Overall mortality rate for any liver disease in an heroin-dependent Australian ageing cohort was 1. Liver mortality increased over time and became the most common cause of death in this ageing heroin-dependent cohort (Gibson et al. This percentage is probably an underestimate of the disease burden attributable to illicit opioids, because they omit differences across subregions in the quality of data on causes of mortality and estimates of mortality and morbidity attributable to hepatitis and violence (Degenhardt et al. Acute cocaine administration increases heart rate, vasoconstriction and hypertension, and hyperthermia. At low doses, these physiological changes are usually not harmful, but they can be toxic or even fatal at high dose. Adverse consequences of heavy cocaine use are seizures, heart failure, stroke, or intracranial haemorrhage (Brands et al. Cocaine is vasoconstrictive and has local anaesthetic effects and type I antidysrhythmic properties (Bauman et al. The initial effect of cocaine on the cardiovascular system is a transient bradycardia, secondary to stimulation of the vagal nuclei. The combined use of cocaine and alcohol generates the metabolite cocaethylene, which has a direct myocardial depressant effect (Henning et al. The combination of cocaine and tobacco smoking gives coronary vasoconstriction in a synergistic manner (Moliterno et al. The severe effects depicted in Table 9 are mostly seen with high-dose use, particularly in individuals with long-standing patterns of chronic intake. Behavioural and subjective effects of cocaine in humans (Meyer and Quenzer, 2005) Mild to moderate effects Severe effects Mood amplification; both euphoria Irritability, hostility, anxiety, fear, and dysphoria withdrawal Heightened energy Extreme energy or exhaustion Sleep disturbance, insomnia Total insomnia Motor excitement, restlessness Compulsive motor stereotypies Talkativeness, pressure of speech Rambling, incoherent speech Hyperactive ideation Disjointed flight of ideas Increased sexual interest Decreased sexual interest Anger, verbal aggression Possible extreme violence Mild to moderate anorexia Total anorexia Inflated self-esteem Delusions of grandiosity 22. Reactive hyperaemia of nasal mucosa causes a persistent rhinitis in patients who regularly insufflate cocaine. Premature atherosclerosis and left ventricular hypertrophy develop in chronic cocaine users. Risks of cocaine use in the short-term are heart attack, respiratory failure, cerebral haemorrhage, renal infarction, seizure, acute state of agitation and overdoses. Cocaine is a vasoconstrictor, which decreases blood flow to the heart and brains temporarily: the risk of heart infarct and stroke increases. In high dose, cocaine use can lead to panic attacks or a temporary paranoid psychosis with delusions and hallucinations, i. Repetitive scratching (Meyer and Quenzer, 2005) may lead to infection of the wounds. Cocaine is commonly used nasal, but this does not apply to crack cocaine (cocaine base formed from cocaine hydrochloride) which can be smoked. Mean physiological and subjective effects of cocaine administered via different routes (Jones, 1990) Effect Route (Dose in mg/kg) i. The chronic cocaine user tends to administer the drug in high-dose ‘binges’ interrupted by ‘crashes’. Common disorders among heavy crack users are sleep disorders (insomnia followed by exhaustion), eating disorders (appetite suppression alternating with intense hunger) and sexual dysfunction (often impotence). Cocaine (and crack) impairs the immune defence against infections by inhibiting neutrophils and macrophages (Baldwin et al. In particular, the smoking of crack and the intravenous use of cocaine are associated with high-risk sexual practices. Chronic base cocaine use can lead to over-fatigue and weight loss, leading to complete exhaustion. This depletion in combination with the ‘crash’ of cocaine users may lead to irritable, sad, aggressive or paranoid conditions. However, lifetime-risk increase has been reported in recent prospective studies to be much lower, with an average risk increase (over non-users) of about 6% (Amin et al. Regarding a non-fatal myocardial infarction, the population attributable fraction of cocaine use was 0. According to Jellinek Clinic one out of four non-fatal heart attacks in men aged <45 years is related to cocaine use.

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Traditionally this was translated prognosis stendra super force 30mg erectile dysfunction ultrasound protocol, more so if there are cutaneous into a centimetre margin for every millimetre of deposits cheap stendra super force 30 mg with mastercard erectile dysfunction treatment in thailand. The sentinel node discount 30mg stendra super force overnight delivery impotence from diabetes, the primary lymphatic drain age of the tumour stendra super force 60 mg otc erectile dysfunction wellbutrin xl, is identi ed and excised for Tumours of sweat glands and histological examination. Identi cation of the sebaceous glands sentinel node is by injection of vital blue dye around the primary melanoma, combined with Benign and malignant tumours of these glandular preoperative lymphoscintigraphy to map the adnexae of the skin are rare. If the sentinel node is involved, the regional nodes are excised by block Sebaceous adenomas dissection. These are more in the nature of a hyperplasia of Adjuvant t herapy the glands than true tumours. They occur as pink Malignant melanoma deposits often show regres or yellow papules on the nose, cheek and fore sion when the primary lesion is excised, implying head. Results Found rarely on the face and scalp in elderly sub of chemotherapy, including high-dose isolated jects, it is an uncommon but aggressive cancer. They are composed of columns or • Campbell de Morgan spots8 are found on the cylinders of clear cells and the descriptive term trunk of middle-aged and elderly subjects. On the scalp, they may form masses capillaries, which can be emptied by pressing of large nodules (‘turban tumour’), but tumours on them with the tip of a pencil. Isolated ‘ spiders ’ are present in Blood vessel tumours normal people, but they are more common during pregnancy and in chronic liver Tumours of blood vessels usually lie in the dermis, disease. They comprise a central arteriole although the underlying muscles and soft tissues from which radiate capillaries. The abdominal viscera, central the central arteriole with a pinhead causes nervous system and bone may also be the sites of the lesion to disappear while pressure is these lesions. Most benign blood Treatment vessel ‘ tumours ’ are indeed congenital malforma Most strawberry naevi disappear spontaneously, tions or hamartomas. Classi cation the port-wine stain may respond to cutaneous • Capillary haemangioma. They occur on the skin and lip and, quite commonly, as multiple nodules in the Capillary haemangioma liver. They are usually present at birth, and grow A variety of types of congenital capillary malfor to keep pace with normal body growth. They may in ltrate the • A salmon pink patch is a common blemish on underlying tissues and may be associated with the head or neck of a newborn child and unsightly overlying cutaneous thickening. The condition may be dis years of life, although there may at rst be a guised by the use of cosmetics, or thrombosis can rapid alarming enlargement, even with be encouraged by injection of sclerosing agents. Very unsightly small lesions may be excised and • A port wine stain, ush with the skin, usually skin grafted. It is present from birth and 7 William Allen Sturge (1850–1919), Physician, Royal Free Hospital, shows no tendency to regress with age. The nodules spread centrally along the limb, may ulcerate and can metastasize to the liver histiocytoma) and lungs. In the aggressive form, which occurs in this is a pigmented tumour of the skin that may the immunosuppressed, visceral involvement easily be confused with a malignant melanoma occurs with bowel perforation, haemorrhage or with which it has a close macroscopic resem intussusception. Palpation, however, reveals a typically Histologically, there are two components: blood hard consistency due to the dense brous stroma. The latter show the malig It is probably produced as a result of brosis of a nant features, thus distinguishing this tumour capillary haemangioma. Glomus bodies are found in the subcutaneous tissues of the limbs, particularly the ngers, the Telangiectasia toes and their nail beds. They are convoluted arte riovenous anastomoses with a cellular wall com Telangiectases, although not truly tumours, are prising a thick layer of cuboidal ‘glomus’ cells, conveniently mentioned in this section. They are which are modi ed plain muscles; between these dilatations of normal capillaries and are seen in a cells are abundant nerve bres. Glomus tumours are blue or reddish, small, young women, who may complain of their cos raised lesions, which occur in young adults at the metic appearance. The genetic abnormality is a mutation rewarded by the heartfelt gratitude of the patient. Typically, 9 Kaposi’s sarcoma the telangiectases are visible around the mouth and in the fauces, and present with nose this tumour has a multicentric origin. Occult arteriovenous malformations are be most common in the elderly in central Europe, 10 common. Frederick Parkes Weber (1863–1962), Physician, 10Ashkenazi Jews: contrast Sephardic and Oriental Jews. The cutaneous lesions a failure of lymphatics to connect to the venous are soft and often pedunculated. They are usually system, abnormal growth of embryonal lymphat painless, although pressure may produce pain ics and sequestered lymphatic rests. Most occur in along the line of the nerve, particularly when the neck, usually the left side, and were thought to larger nerve trunks are involved. The tumour is be related to the embryonic precursor of the mobile from side to side but not longitudinally, in jugular part of the thoracic duct. There multilocular cystic mass, which is often present at may be associated caf e au lait patches of pigmen birth or noticed in early infancy. They may of neuro bromatous tissue over which the thick respond to injection of sclerosant agents such as ened skin hangs in ugly folds. Surgical treatment consists of the London Hospital was a gross example of the of excision, but this is a dif cult procedure as the disease. Treatment Nerve tumours Where the neuro bromas are solitary or few in Tumours of the peripheral nerves arise from the number, removal can be performed, either by neurilemmal sheath of Schwann;12 hence, the enucleation, if the nerve bres are pushed to one terms neurilemmoma, neuro broma or schwan side, or by resection with suture of the divided noma. Incomplete removal must not be per side or actually grow within the substance of the formed, as sarcomatous change may follow.

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It is not uncommon for normal people to discount stendra super force 30mg with mastercard erectile dysfunction trimix have a few inconspicuous punctate keratoses on their palms purchase stendra super force 30mg overnight delivery erectile dysfunction tumblr, Callosities and corns and it is no longer thought that these relate to stendra super force 30mg overnight delivery smoking and erectile dysfunction statistics inter nal malignancy discount stendra super force 60 mg visa erectile dysfunction injection medication, although palmar keratoses caused Both are responses to pressure. Black patients diffuse type of thickening of the keratin layer, which are prone to keratotic papules along their palmar seems to be a protective response to widely applied creases. Callosities are often Keratoderma of the palms and soles may be part occupational;. Further reading ‘Soft corns’ arise in the third or fourth toe clefts when the toes are squeezed together by tight shoes; such Dunnill, M. British Journal soles, but sometimes need orthopaedic alteration of of Dermatology 137, 485–490. It can start at any age but is rare under 10 years, and appears Genetics most often between 15 and 40 years. However, there is often a genetic predisposition, and In one study, the disorder was concordant in 70% of sometimes an obvious environmental trigger. Each to be categorized as genetically complex, implying a of these abnormalities can induce the other, leading polygenic inheritance. In this context, there are by well-de ned erythematous and scaly plaques, which two families of retinoid receptors in the epidermis: are clinically indistinguishable. K6 and K16 are produced in psoriasis but entering the cell cycle rather than by a decrease in cell their presence is secondary and non-speci c, merely a cycle time. Scales of psoriasis also contain chemotactic factors and these provoke visible collections of subcorneal neutrophils as seen in pustular psoriasis (p. The rash often clears in a few months but plaque psoriasis may develop the main changes are the following. Signi cant Psoriasis of the submammary, axillary and anogenital hair loss is rare. Localized pustular psoriasis (palmo-plantar pustulosis) this is a recalcitrant, often painful condition which some regard as a separate entity. Generalized pustular psoriasis is a rare but serious condition, with Palms and soles fever and recurrent episodes of pustulation within Palmar psoriasis may be hard to recognize as its lesions areas of erythema. Erythrodermic psoriasis this is also rare and can be sparked off by the irritant Less common patterns effect of tar or dithranol, by a drug eruption or by the withdrawal of potent topical or systemic steroids. Napkin psoriasis the skin becomes universally and uniformly red with A psoriasiform spread outside the napkin (nappy/ variable scaling (Fig. Malaise is accompanied diaper) area may give the rst clue to a psoriatic tend by shivering and the skin feels hot and uncomfortable. Distal arthritis involves the Differential diagnosis terminal interphalangeal joints of the toes and ngers, especially those with marked nail changes (Fig. Pitting is not seen and nails tend to be crumbly and discoloured at their free edge. The need for this depends both on the patient’s own Flexural plaques are less well de ned and more perception of his or her disability, and on the doctor’s exudative. There may be signs of seborrhoeic eczema objective assessment of how severe the skin disease is. Information the lesions, which are oval rather than round, tend to lea ets help to reinforce verbal advice. Oral changes, patchy with chronic stable plaque psoriasis is relatively alopecia, condylomata lata and lymphadenopathy simple and may be safely administered by the family complete the picture. No treatment, at present, alters the overall course of the Cutaneous T-cell lymphoma (p. The lesions, which tend to persist, are not in typical loca Physical and mental rest help to back up the speci c tions and are often annular, arcuate, reniform or show management of acute episodes. Calcipotriol and Main types of treatment tacacitol are analogues of chlolecalciferol, which do these can be divided into four main categories: local, not cause hypercalcaemia and calciuria when used ultraviolet radiation, systemic and combined. The drug should not be used for longer than a year at a time and is not yet recommended for children. The drug should not 1 In ‘limited choice’ areas such as the face, ears, gen be used in pregnancy or during lactation. Females of itals and exures where tar and dithranol are seldom childbearing age should use adequate contraception tolerated (mildly potent steroid preparations should during therapy. The less re ned tars are dose should not exceed 15g/day or 100g/week and the smelly, messy and stain clothes, but are more effective ointment should not be applied for longer than 4 weeks. It has Ultraviolet radiation to be applied carefully, to the plaques only; and, if left on for more than 30 min, must be covered with gauze Most patients improve with natural sunlight and dressings. One popular regimen is to apply dithranol daily for 5 days in the week; after 1 month many patients will be clear. Short contact therapy, in which dithranol is applied for no longer than 30 min, is also effective. After the cream is washed off, a bland application such as soft white paraf n or emulsifying ointment is applied. Dithranol is too irritant to apply to the face, the inner thighs, genital region or skin folds. The initial small dose is increased incrementally after each exposure providing In this ingenious therapy, a drug is photo-activated it is well tolerated. Suitable preparations include depending on erythema production and the therapeutic emulsifying ointment and zinc and ichthammol cream. All phototherapy equipment should be serviced and calibrated regularly by trained personnel. This often controls even aggressive (see above) for 24 h after each treatment should pro psoriasis.