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By: William A. Weiss, MD, PhD

  • Professor, Neurology UCSF Weill Institute for Neurosciences, University of California, San Francisco, San Francisco, CA


Algorithms and Annotations Page 81 Clinical Practice Guideline for the Management of Asthma in Children and Adults 12 discount 250mg ticlid amex treatment xerostomia. In those patients who are not at high-risk for hospitalization or death purchase 250mg ticlid with amex medications during pregnancy, beginning treatment at home avoids treatment delays generic ticlid 250mg with visa symptoms retinal detachment, prevents exacerbations from becoming severe generic 250 mg ticlid medications medicaid covers, and adds to patients’ sense of control over their asthma. The degree of care provided in the home depends on the patient’s (or parents’) abilities and experience, and on the availability of emergency care. Early treatment of exacerbations is best; patients (or parents) should be able to recognize early indicators of an exacerbation to include cough and/or worsening peak expiratory flow. All patients should be provided with – and instructed on how to use – a written asthma action plan that includes an individualized daily management plan and instructions on recognizing and handling worsening asthma. It should also include self-adjustment of medications in response to acute symptoms or changes in peak flow measures in the event of an exacerbation. Patients should be advised to withdraw from any environmental allergens or irritants that may contribute to the exacerbation. Response to treatment should be monitored and communicated to the provider to determine if an office visit or referral to the emergency department is warranted. Once initiated, oral steroids will treat the underlying inflammation leading to acute bronchoconstriction. Once in the emergency department, patients will be cared for according to their asthma severity. Emergency department interventions for moderate exacerbations may include continuous or separate albuterol nebulized treatments, nebulized anticholinergics, and systemic steroids. Severe exacerbations may need magnesium, subcutaneous adrenergic agents or possibly full airway support. Following all emergency department visits, patients should be seen by their primary care physician within 1-2 days for outpatient evaluation and review of long-term asthma control medications. A brief history and physical examination pertinent to the exacerbation should be conducted concurrently with the prompt initiation of therapy. Severity and duration of symptoms, including exercise limitation and sleep disturbance b. All current medications, including dose (and device) prescribed, dose usually taken, dose taken in response to the deterioration, and the patient’s response (or lack thereof) to this therapy c. The physical examination should assess exacerbation severity by evaluating pulse rate, respiratory rate, use of accessory muscles, the patient’s ability to complete a sentence, and other signs. Algorithms and Annotations Page 83 Clinical Practice Guideline for the Management of Asthma in Children and Adults 5. Subsequent measurements should be made at intervals until a clear response to treatment has occurred. This is especially useful in children because objective measurements of lung function may be difficult. Oxygen saturation in children should normally be greater than 95%, and oxygen saturation less than 92% is a good predictor of the need for hospitalization [C]. Therefore, patients should be evaluated by the primary care provider or asthma specialist after emergency department treatment to assess for clinical and subjective improvement or deterioration. Patients discharged from the emergency department should contact the primary care provider within 1-2 days and schedule a follow-up visit as considered appropriate by the provider. Algorithms and Annotations Page 84 Clinical Practice Guideline for the Management of Asthma in Children and Adults 13. The first group consists of those patients with established asthma who, during exercise, have a component of bronchospasm that limits their activities. It is reported to occur in up to 80% of patients with asthma and is usually a self-limited process that resolves with cessation of exercise (see Section 13. There is a separate group of patients who do not have underlying asthma but may develop symptomatic bronchospasm with prolonged exercise. These patients are generally competitive athletes or active duty military who exercise on a regular basis. The evaluation of these patients always demonstrates normal resting spirometry but airway hyperreactivity with bronchoprovocation testing (see Section 13. It is frequently referred to as exercise-induced asthma in the medical literature. An important dimension of adequate asthma control is a patient’s ability to participate in any activity he or she chooses without experiencing asthma symptoms. Optimal treatment for such a patient may consist of an increase in long term controller medications or prophylactic beta-agonist use prior to exercise. All patients with asthma should have a regular exercise program and be asked about any limitations to exercise. Primary treatment is a warm-up period prior to exercise and pretreatment with short-acting beta agonists is recommended. Consideration for increasing controller medications may be indicated to control or alleviate increased asthma symptoms during exercise. These patients are defined in the following manner: 1) symptoms (dyspnea, cough, wheezing, or chest tightness) only associated with exercise with no other resting or nocturnal symptoms; 2) normal resting baseline spirometry and examination; 3) nonspecific airway hyperreactivity with bronchoprovocation testing; and 4) response to treatment. The patient’s history should focus on the correlation of symptoms (dyspnea, wheezing, cough, or chest tightness) with exertion during or immediately after prolonged exercise such as running. Normal baseline resting spirometry (no evidence of obstruction or restriction with a normal flow volume loop) should prompt referral for bronchoprovocation testing.

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Polymyositis Many of these are considered to purchase 250 mg ticlid with visa symptoms gallbladder problems be caused by autoimmune conditions and are treated with immunosuppressant drugs purchase 250mg ticlid free shipping treatment 1 degree burn. The cause syndrome is not known effective 250mg ticlid symptoms 6dp5dt, although it can sometimes begin after a virus or infection order 250 mg ticlid fast delivery treatment 6th feb cardiff. In series 5, the episode called “Painless” focuses upon the diagnosis of a patient in chronic pain. One suggestion by the medical team assisting House is that the patient may have McArdle disease. Information about McArdle’s is mostly described in an accurate way in this programme. In the programme, the family doctors hypothesise (guess) that the patient’s pain could be caused by McArdle disease, which they correctly described as a glycogen storage disease. In the programme, they say that there are muscle cells in the wall of the intestine, which could lead to pain (I am not sure that this statement is correct. The intestine is made of smooth muscle, which is unaffected by McArdle disease and therefore would not be painful. However, it is possible that there is skeletal muscle overlaying the intestine, which would be affected by McArdle’s and could be painful. They take blood from the patient while he is undergoing the ischaemic forearm test and monitor the level of lactate in the blood. The medical team tell the patient’s wife that McArdle’s can be treated with gene replacement therapy and lifestyle changes. Lifestyle changes such as regular gentle aerobic exercise are recommended as a good treatment for McArdle’s, see section 4. The popularity of this programme should mean that many more people will now have heard of McArdle disease and will have learned a little about the disease. Walter for a brief description of each disease (Google free books) 34 3 the genetics of McArdle disease 3. They help to make up the structure of the body and control most of the processes of the body. The body is able to use genetic information to make almost all the protein it requires. Each gene contains the genetic information (the genetic code) which the body can use to produce a particular protein. An enzyme is a special kind of protein which is able to change one thing to another. For example, muscle glycogen phosphorylase is able to change glycogen into glucose-1-phosphate. Glucose-1-phosphate is then broken down by several other enzymes, eventually producing glucose. There are 22 chromosomes which are unrelated to gender; these are called “autosomes”. Chromosome 11 is an autosome (this is why McArdle disease is not related to gender and both men and women can have McArdle disease). The chromosomes are located within the nucleus of cells (a special compartment in the centre of the cell). As outlined above, the gene has the information which the cell needs to make proteins. But the recipe can’t be taken away from the library (a gene can’t leave the nucleus). Within the protein, amino acids can interact together to make complex structures which are necessary for the protein to function as an enzyme. In some proteins (including muscle glycogen phosphorylase), the order of the amino acids is very important for the protein to be able to function correctly. The order of the amino acids is known as a “protein sequence” or “amino acid sequence”. Almost all mutations result in a complete lack of functional muscle glycogen phosphorylase protein. It is possible that some mutations may still result in the production of muscle glycogen phosphorylase, but that the muscle glycogen phosphorylase protein is not able to fold into the correct shape or to function as an enzyme and therefore it cannot break glycogen down into glucose-1-phosphate. Splice site mutation (the space before the “s” the catsaw the Protein has is removed) rat. Stop codons occur naturally at the end of the gene, and tell the body that it has got to the end of the instructions to make a particular protein. However, mutations which introduce stop codons in the wrong place, for example halfway through a gene, interrupt the instructions. It has been suggested that the benefit of nonsense-mediated decay is to prevent the production of proteins which could potentially be bad for the cell due to the mutations they encode (Frischmeyer and Dietz, 1999). I think that it is likely that other premature stop codon mutations which lead to nonsense-mediated decay will be identified in the future. However, the protein will not have the correct sequence as it will contain the mutation. If the mutation was a stop codon, the protein may not be full-length and will be too short. Both ends of the muscle glycogen phosphorylase amino acid sequence are very important for muscle glycogen phosphorylase to form the correct shape and be functional. It is not functional if the protein is too short because of a premature stop codon. Muscle glycogen phosphorylase is 842 amino acids long, so the C784X mutation results in a th protein which is missing 58 amino acids.

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Hydropic grammed pathway of cell death that is triggered by a vari swelling may result from many causes cheap ticlid 250mg online treatment erectile dysfunction, including chemical ety of extracellular and intracellular signals generic 250mg ticlid mastercard 7 medications that can cause incontinence. Injurious agents 12 Chapter 1 cause hydropic swelling by (1) increasing the permeability of (the patient stops smoking) buy ticlid 250 mg free shipping treatment diverticulitis, then the metaplastic epithelium the plasma membrane to discount ticlid 250mg with visa atlas genius - symptoms sodium; (2) damaging the membrane will eventually return to normal. The other choices are incorrect because they do not regulate con 40 the answer is B: Dysplasia. Histologically, such lesions Diagnosis: Hydropic swelling, hepatotoxicity are composed of atypical squamous cells, which vary in size and shape. They show no signs of regular maturation as the 35 the answer is C: Decrease in intracellular pH. Pyruvate is unlike cancer cells, dysplastic cells are not entirely autono reduced to lactate in the cytosol and lowers intracellular pH. None of the other choices represent preneo events that propels the cell toward necrosis. Fibrinoid necrosis is an of erythrocyte precursors in the bone marrow by inhibiting alteration of injured blood vessels, in which the insudation programmed cell death. Increased hematocrit in this patient and accumulation of plasma proteins cause the wall to stain is the result of bone marrow hyperplasia affecting the eryth intensely with eosin. The other choices do not represent physiologic ciated directly with vascular injury. Diagnosis: Malignant hypertension, brinoid necrosis Diagnosis: Renal cell carcinoma, hyperplasia 37 the answer is B: Lamin. The distinction between severe genetic disease characterized by early cataracts, hair loss, atro dysplasia and early cancer of the cervix is a common diag phy of the skin, osteoporosis, and atherosclerosis. Both are associated with notype gives the impression of premature aging in children. When a particular lament proteins that form a brous meshwork beneath the mutation confers a growth or survival advantage, the progeny nuclear envelope. Defective lamin A is thought to make the of the affected cell will tend to predominate. Mutations continued proliferation provides the opportunity for further in the other genes are not linked to Hutchinson-Gilford prog mutations. Atrophy of an Diagnosis: Cervical intraepithelial neoplasia, dysplasia organ may be caused by interruption of key trophic signals. Postpartum infarction of the anterior pituitary in this patient 43 the answer is D: Mixed function oxygenase. Lack of corticotro metabolized via the mixed function oxygenase system (P450) pin results in atrophy of the adrenal cortex, which leads to of the liver to a chloride ion and a highly reactive trichlo adrenal insuf ciency. Like the hydroxyl radical, this radical (Addisonian crisis) include hypotension and shock, as well is a potent initiator of lipid peroxidation, which damages the as weakness, vomiting, abdominal pain, and lethargy. The other choices other choices are unlikely causes of postpartum adrenal insuf are not involved in the formation of the trichloromethyl free ciency. Diagnosis: Sheehan syndrome, adrenal insuf ciency Diagnosis: Hepatic failure, hepatotoxicity 39 the answer is E: Reversion to normal. Psoriasis is a disease of the der invariably a response to persistent injury and can be thought mis and epidermis that is characterized by persistent epidermal of as an adaptive mechanism. It is a chronic, frequently familial disorder that bronchi to tobacco smoke leads to squamous metaplasia of features large, erythematous, scaly plaques, commonly on the the bronchial epithelium. There is evidence to sug necrosis with scarring (choice C), metaplasia is usually fully gest that deregulation of epidermal proliferation and an abnor reversible. If the source of injury in this patient is removed mality in the microcirculation of the dermis are responsible for Cell Injury 13 the development of psoriatic lesions. It accumulates in liver cells, of keratinocytes is thought to be related to defective epidermal causing cell injury and cirrhosis. Pulmonary emphysema is cell surface receptors and altered intracellular signaling. Choices A other choices do not describe increased numbers of otherwise and B are amyloidoses that represent extracellular deposits of normal epidermal cells. Choices D and Diagnosis: Psoriasis, hyperplasia E are lysosomal storage diseases that represent intracellular deposits of unmetabolized sphingolipids. Diagnosis: a1-Antitrypsin de ciency 45 the answer is E: Smooth endoplasmic reticulum. Each is metabolized by cytochrome P450 of the mixed 48 the answer is B: Helicase. Werner syndrome is a rare auto function oxidase system, located in the smooth endoplasmic somal recessive disease characterized by early cataracts, hair reticulum. These hepatotoxins are metabolized differently, and loss, atrophy of the skin, osteoporosis, and accelerated ath it is possible to relate the subsequent evolution of lethal cell erosclerosis. Affected persons are also at risk for development injury to the speci c features of this metabolism. Unlike Hutchinson-Gilford progeria, phen, an important constituent of many analgesics, is innocu patients with Werner syndrome typically die in the fth ous in recommended doses, but when consumed to excess it decade from either cancer or cardiovascular disease. Hutchinson-Gilford progeria is caused by Diagnosis: Hepatotoxicity, necrosis mutations in the human lamin A gene, which encodes an intermediate lament protein that form a brous meshwork 46 the answer is B: Immune recognition of viral antigens on the beneath the nuclear envelope. Viral cytotoxicity is either direct or indirect are not associated with Werner syndrome. Viruses may injure cells directly Diagnosis: Werner syndrome by subverting cellular enzymes and depleting the cell’s nutri ents, thereby disrupting the normal homeostatic mechanisms. Apoptosis detects and destroys cells Some viruses also encode proteins that induce apoptosis once that harbor dangerous mutations, thereby maintaining genetic daughter virions are mature. Viruses may also injure cells indi consistency and preventing the development of cancer. Both humoral are several means, the most important of which is probably and cellular arms of the immune system protect against the p53, by which the cell recognizes genomic abnormalities and harmful effects of viral infections by eliminating infected cells.

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