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By: Richa Agarwal, MD

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In cases of chronic extrahepatic bili Entire liver resections are encountered in hospi ary tract disease purchase prazosin 1 mg amex low carb cholesterol lowering foods, the extrahepatic bile duct tals where liver transplantations are performed discount 1mg prazosin cholesterol norms. Liver 81 make a cut in the liver parallel to discount prazosin 2 mg mastercard cholesterol egg white the porta hep and quadrate lobes are generally suf? Additional sec color) and insert a probe back toward the porta tions should also be taken of any focal lesions generic prazosin 2 mg line cholesterol levels in chronic kidney disease. Look for lymph nodes in the hilar soft tissues, and sample each of these for histologic evaluation. Important Issues to Address Take a section perpendicular to the hilum that in Your Surgical Pathology Report captures the soft tissue of the porta hepatis and on Liver Explants the underlying liver. Does the tumor involve In addition to the sections taken of the porta the structures of the porta hepatis? Are the hepatis, all lobes of the liver should be repre margins at the porta hepatis involved by sented in a routine sampling of the explanted tumor? How many lymph nodes were examined, and lobes and one section each from the caudate how many of them harbor a metastasis? The biliary system forms a conduit whereby bile ward, take a moment to orient the specimen and produced by hepatocytes is transmitted to and identify a few important features. One side of the gallbladder is into bile canaliculi, which form the smallest smoothandglistening,whereastheotherisrough. Canaliculi drain the distinction between these two surfaces is into interlobular bile ducts, which join to form important. The smooth surface is lined by perito progressively larger intrahepatic ducts until the neum. In contrast, the rough surface is where the left and right hepatic ducts emerge from the liver adventitia of the gallbladder has been dissected in the region of the porta hepatis. Slightly distal from the undersurface of the liver, and it re to the porta hepatis, the left and right hepatic presents a surgical margin. The is entirely buried within the liver parenchyma common hepatic duct is then joined on its right or is attached to the liver only by a mesentery. Measure the specimen, and describe hepatic duct ranges from 1 to 5 cm in length, the the external surfaces. One important issue to cystic duct from 2 to 6 cm, and the common address at the onset of the dissection is whether bile duct from 5 to 10 cm. Not uncommonly, 4 to 5 mm for the cystic duct and 5 to 7 mm for a gallbladder is opened in the operating room the common bile duct. Receipt of a previously opened gallbladder should be documented in the gross description. If the specimen is still in Cholecystectomies tact, open the gallbladder lengthwise through its serosa-lined surface. Using a small pair of the gallbladder is one of the more frequently scissors, begin at the fundus; next, extend the cut encountered specimens in the surgical pathol through the body and neck of the gallbladder ogy laboratory. The gallbladder is a saccular structure com the direction in which the gallbladder is opened posed of a fundus, body, and neck. Even cystic duct because a probe or scissors forced into though this structural anatomy is straightfor this opening could dislodge stones. Right hepatic Left duct hepatic duct Common hepatic Cystic duct duct Ink the outer (adventitial) surface. Carefully label each duct margin, and separately submit each margin in its own labeled tissue cassette. If the gallbladder is included, submit routine sections including sections of the adventitial margin and the cystic duct lymph node. Gallbladder 85 After the specimen has been opened, note the present, the cystic duct lymph node should contents of the gallbladder and the cystic duct. Is the usual thin, dark green bile present; or is it hemorrhagic, viscous, or sludgy? Look for calculi, and determine whether Resections they are present within the lumen of the gallblad der or within the cystic duct. Record the appear the extrahepatic bile ducts are most commonly ance of any calculi. Use a sharp blade to cut the tomy (including the distal common bile duct) and calculi in half, and note the appearance of their partial or total hepatectomy (including portions cut surfaces. Exami When numerous calculi are present, there is a nation of the bile ducts in these specimens is tendency to record the size of the largest one. Local or seg stead, record the full range of sizes, keeping in mind mental resections of the extrahepatic bile ducts that the smaller calculi are more apt to become are less common but may be performed for carci lodged in the cystic duct than are the larger noma of the extrahepatic bile ducts, isolated stric ones. Mea interlacing linear yellow streaks on the mucosa sure the length and diameter of each portion of (?strawberry gallbladder). Describe the ap gested by the presence of an exophytic or ulcera pearance of the external surface, including the tive lesion, the external adventitial surface should presence of any mass lesions or adhesions. In be inked, as it represents an important surgical general, the proximal and distal bile duct margins margin. Describe the location of the neoplasm, and the periductal soft tissue (forming the its dimensions, and its con? For routine specimens, cross sections at 2 to 3-mm intervals with a submit one representative full-thickness section scalpel, keeping the cross sections oriented with from the fundus, one through the body/neck of regard to the segment of the biliary tree and the the gallbladder, and one cross section of the cystic proximal and distal margins. Additional sections are required sections can then be examined for the presence of when focal lesions are present.

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No data were available on the genetic and related effects of chlordane or heptachlor in humans purchase prazosin 1mg otc cholesterol test fasting vs. nonfasting. Both compounds inhibited gap-junctional intercellular communication and induced gene mutations in rodent cells order 2 mg prazosin with visa cholesterol scale. There is sufficient evidence in experimental animals for the carcinogenicity of chlordane and of heptachlor discount 1 mg prazosin with visa cholesterol in yard eggs. Overall evaluation Chlordane and heptachlor are possibly carcinogenic to prazosin 2mg for sale definition cholesterol total humans (Group 2B). References Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry (1989a) Toxicological Profile for Heptachlor/Heptachlor Epoxide (Report No. The determination of organo-halide pesticides in municipal and industrial wastewater. Determination of chlorinated pesticides, herbicides, and organohalides by liquid?solid extraction and electron capture gas chromatography [Rev. Determination of organic compounds in drinking water by liquid?solid extraction and capillary column gas chromatography/ mass spectrometry [Rev. Determination of chlorination by products, chlorinated solvents, and halogenated pesticides/herbicides in drinking water by liquid?liquid extraction and gas chromatography with electron-capture detection [Rev. In: Compendium of Methods for the Determination of Toxic Compounds in Ambient Air, 2nd Ed. In: Compendium of Methods for the Determination of Toxic Compounds in Ambient Air, 2nd Ed. Scientific Reviews of Soviet Literature on Toxicity and Hazards of Chemicals: Heptachlor (Issue 3), Moscow, Centre of International Projects, United Nations Environment Programme Izushi, F. The mutagenicity of selected herbicides and insecticides in the Salmonella microsome test (Ames test) in relation to the pathogenetic potency of contaminated ground and drinking-water. Estimation of the dietary intake of organochlorine pesticides, heavy metals, arsenic, aflatoxin M1, iron and zinc through the total diet study, 1990/91. Since that time, new data have become available, and these have been incorporated into the monograph and taken into consideration in the present evaluation. Worldwide production of pure hexachlorobenzene was estimated to be 10 000 t/year for the years 1978?81. Hexachlorobenzene was produced or imported in the European Community at 8000 t/year in 1978, and a company in Spain reportedly produced an estimated 150 t/year. Approximately 1500 t/year of hexachlorobenzene were manu factured in Germany for the production of rubber chemicals, but this production was discontinued in 1993. Intentional production of hexachlorobenzene has declined as a result of restrictions on its use since the 1970s, but it may still be produced as an incidental by-product in some processes (see section 1. The major agricultural application was as a seed dressing for crops such as wheat, barley, oats and rye to prevent growth of fungi. The use of hexachlorobenzene in such appli cations was discontinued in many countries in the 1970s owing to concerns about adverse effects on the environment and human health. In industry, hexachlorobenzene has been used directly in the manufacture of pyro technics, tracer bullets and as a fluxing agent in the manufacture of aluminium. It has also been used as a starting material in the production of pentachlorophenol, a porosity control agent in the manufacture of graphite anodes, and as a peptizing agent in the production of nitroso and styrene rubber for tyres. In 1977, about 300 t of hexachlorobenzene were generated in Japan as a waste by-product in the production of tetrachloroethylene, almost all of which was incinerated. It was estimated that > 5000 t/year hexachlorobenzene were produced as a by-product during tetrachloroethylene production in the former Federal Republic of Germany in 1980. According to the Finnish Register of Employees Exposed to Carcinogens, 15 laboratory workers were exposed in Finland in 1997 (Savela et al. Hexachlorobenzene has been detected in workplace air during the production of pentachlorophenol in the Russian Federation (Melnikova et al. In 1994, the average concentration of hexachloro benzene in the serum of 57 workers in a Spanish organochlorine compound factory was 120? The average plasma concentration in nine Swedish aluminium foundry workers who used hexachloroethane for degassing was 313 ng/g of lipid (controls, 67 ng/g of lipid) in 1992 (Selden et al. Hence, hexachlorobenzene persists in the environment and may be expected to accumulate in sediment long after application has ceased. During the period when it was being used as a pesticide, a number of studies were carried out to determine its concentration in food. The esti mated mean dietary intake of this chemical from these studies in 1982?84 was 0. The concentrations of hexachlorobenzene in air are generally low, although they were higher in the past. Measurements between July 1988 and September 1989 in Egbert, Ontario (Canada), showed a wide range of concentrations in air, from 0. Measurements near chlorinated solvent and pesticide manufacturing facilities in 1974 revealed much higher concentrations in air, ranging from 24 to 23 296 ng/m3 (Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry, 1998). In 1986?91, the average concentrations of hexachlorobenzene in precipitation samples ranged from 0. The Niagara River, which drains a more heavily indus trialized area, showed more variable and generally higher concentrations, ranging from 0. Under polluted conditions, much higher concentrations can occur (Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry, 1998). Sediments at 1?2 cm depth had even higher concentrations, with an average of about 460?

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