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By: William A. Weiss, MD, PhD

  • Professor, Neurology UCSF Weill Institute for Neurosciences, University of California, San Francisco, San Francisco, CA


And if you ever like split up discount midamor 45 mg without a prescription blood pressure quick changes, like she could say that shes the real Mum and youre not buy cheap midamor 45mg on-line arteria definicion, and then you wouldnt be able to see that kid and things like that cheap midamor 45 mg with visa arrhythmia or anxiety. They also appeared to have had this subject raised with them more than did males and they were more likely to have watched relevant television programmes – i buy cheap midamor 45mg hypertension first line. Some females across both age groups had received offers of surrogacy or donated eggs from family members but no males had been offered sperm. Although reservations were expressed across genders and age groups about alternative routes to parenthood, there appeared to be more concerns about gamete donation than adoption. Males were likely to express their opposition to this primarily in terms of the insertion of another mans sperm into their partner whereas the introduction of another womans egg into their body was not cited by any of the females. The response of romantic partners was seen as important though few had yet had actual experience of this. So, against this backdrop of the strength of any long term desire to become a parent and the range of options towards parenthood that had been considered post diagnosis, the experiences of the particular sub section of respondents who were actively pursuing parenthood or who were already parents is now explored. Of these, three were females (of whom one was a teenager) and two were adult males. Two in the study were step parents (both adult females), one of whom was also a biological parent and the other was trying to conceive. One other adult female was also trying actively to get pregnant at the time of interview. Those trying to become parents One couple were actively trying to become parents and had thought long and hard from early in their relationship about what to do and when. They were due for a further appointment at the assisted conception unit soon after the research interview. This couple had known since early in their relationship that the female was at risk of premature menopause and this was covered in some detail in Part Three and elsewhere. This had affected their life planning as a couple and brought forward the age at which they would start a family – though they had still thought about this carefully. Adult female 14:25 the woman had chosen to be interviewed with her husband present and some differences emerged in their views of the impact of encounters with professionals on their handling of their potential infertility. This may relate to a number of factors – gender, the fact that the partner has not been through the cancer experience, preferred coping style and so on. It nevertheless illustrates the challenges that can accompany integrating new and significant actors into these encounters. Adult female 14:24 Another couple were also in the process of undergoing investigations and seeking help though this was currently on hold. There were indications of more ambivalence for this couple as the female was also coping with unresolved treatment related complications. Reference has been made earlier to the ways in which she has coped by limiting severely the people that she talks to about this matter (including her husband and mother, both of whom she otherwise considers herself to have a very close relationship to) and saying in public that she does not want children. Those who had become parents Among those who were already parents were one adult male with one child; one adult male with two children; one adult female with one child and pregnant with another; one adult female with one child; and one teenage female with one child. Only two of the five who were parents (one male, one female) had planned their pregnancies; the remaining three were the result of accidental conceptions. None 187 had children prior to diagnosis and all the conceptions took place following the ending of treatment. Unplanned pregnancies All those with unplanned pregnancies were using contraception at the time of conception. Another couple (who were not living together at the time) had not been using contraception as they were sure that the male cancer survivor was infertile and it was only after testing (and being found to be fertile) that they started using contraception and then got pregnant accidentally within a few months. They had previously not resolved the fact that the male wanted children (though believed himself to be infertile) while his partner did not. In the end she went alone having told her boyfriend but not her mother, her intention being to protect her a little from the anticipated bad news. She then had to pluck up courage of a different sort to tell her boyfriend and her mother about the unexpected news that she was well into a pregnancy. Although the other female had talked with her partner about their joint desire to have children, the pregnancy had not been planned and had come at a difficult stage in their relationship. The couple were still together at the time of the interview and were hoping to move into shared accommodation before too long (she was still in the family home). However, she had experienced bouts of depression both following the cancer treatment and again after the birth of her baby and was still receiving treatment for this. Planned pregnancies One of the couples who had a planned pregnancy had started out with little hope of success as the male was sure that he was infertile. The female partner had not previously wanted children and the male had little or no interest in parenthood at that stage but their views appeared to have shifted and the decision to try was made jointly. They thought that their low expectation of success, their philosophy of if it happens, it happens and their decision not to tell either set of parents may have helped them to cope with a fairly lengthy period of trying for the first pregnancy (a year). They now have two children with the second pregnancy happening within a few months of trying. They said that they were among the first couple in their friendship group to have become parents. The couple were taken aback at the strength of feeling that flowed from the males parents on being told of the first pregnancy which suggested that they had retained strong desires to be grandparents 188 throughout the time during which they too had believed him to be infertile (see Part Four – parents becoming grandparents). For the female whose pregnancy had been planned, the circumstances were a little different. She had entered a permanent relationship when still relatively young with someone who already had a child from a previous relationship.

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Month postoperative control shows thrombus into the vein of Galen generic midamor 45 mg with amex wide pulse pressure icd 9, which decreased in size buy generic midamor 45 mg online blood pressure medication quinapril. The persistence of median prosencephalic vein is associated with fstulous connections to the choroidal arteries midamor 45 mg low price hypertension 5 days postpartum, which cause dilatation of the vein of Galen due to direct blood fow and venous hypertension [5-8] safe 45 mg midamor blood pressure 80 over 40. Usually the sinus rectus is absent, and the malformation drains to a persistent falcine sinus [2]. The choroidal type is more common and usually has many high fow fstulas from choroidal and pericallosal arteries, as well as thalamoperforating and subependymal branches, leading to heart failure at neonatal period [2,3]. The mural type has blood supply from collicular and posterior choroidal arteries and causes macrocephaly, development delay or a few heart symptoms [3]. Hydrocephalus may also occur due to venous hypertension blocking the absorption of cerebrospinal fuid or cerebral aqueduct Figure 5. Endovascular treatment was performed by trans arterial compression by the dilated vein [5]. Thorax radiography and life the median prosencephalic vein drains choroidal plexus echocardiography shows cardiomegaly, while cranial computed into a primitive accessory sinus, called falcine sinus [2]. Neurosurgery still is the gold standard examination, because the radiation it is 2006;59:184-94. J treatment presents better outcomes and is the frst choice since Neurosurg 1998;89:74-80. The embolization is performed by trans-arterial, trans venous or combined approach, 4. Treatment indications that embolization of vein of Galen aneurysms: technical aspects. Arteriovenous malformation of the vein of of the procedure include cerebral hemorrhage and ischemia, Galen in children. Therefore, as our patient performed control angiogram 1 year later and achieved total occlusion, the procedure performed 8. Long-term follow-up is necessary in all patients to ensure a normal development without neurological defcit. Endovascular treatment of vein of galen malformations: A systematic review Conclusion and meta-analysis. The Bicetre of endovascular embolization for vein of Galen neonatal score guides the time and modality of treatment, malformations: a systematic review and meta-analysis. This is an open access article distributed under the Creative Commons Attribution License, which permits unrestricted use, distribution, and reproduction in any medium, provided the original work is properly cited. Vascular anomalies are a heterogeneous group of congenital blood vessel disorders more typically referred to as birthmarks. Subcategorized into vascular tumors and malformations, each anomaly is characterized by speci c morphology, pathophysiology, clinical behavior, and management approach. Lymphatic, capillary, venous, and arteriovenous malformations make up the majority of vascular malformations. This paper reviews current theory and practice in the etiology, diagnosis, and treatment of these more common vascular anomalies. Introduction developments in the diagnosis, management, and pathogen esis of vascular anomalies. Due to their complexity, a mul Vascular anomalies are congenital lesions of abnormal vas tidisciplinary approach is frequently necessary in managing cular development. Previously referred to as vascular birth these lesions and includes a team of specialists in pediatric marks, vascular anomalies are now classi ed based on a otolaryngology, dermatology, hematology, interventional ra system developed in 1982 by Mulliken and Glowacki that diology, surgery, orthopedics, and sometimes psychology. Hemangiomas between a vascular tumor, which grows by cellular hyperpla sia, and a vascular malformation, which represents a local Infantile hemangiomas are the most common tumor in in ized defect in vascular morphogenesis. They consist of rapidly di Both vascular tumors and malformations may occur any viding endothelial cells. In brief, hemangiomas are vascular tu hyperplasia of endothelial cells, they are classi ed as, and are mors that are rarely apparent at birth, grow rapidly during the most common, vascular tumors. Almost all vascular malformations and near infancy or never involute (noninvoluting congenital heman ly 40% of hemangiomas eventually require intervention. The remaining sections will focus on the Thus, this paper o ers pediatricians an update on recent more common “infantile” hemangiomas. Historical reports suggest Vascular tumors Vascular malformations that involution of 50%, 70%, and 90% of the hemangioma Slow- ow occurs by 5, 7, and 9 years of age with some variability [9]. At Infantile hemangioma Capillary malformations the nal stages of involution, a brofatty protuberance may Congenital hemangioma Venous malformations remain (Figure 1(b)). Tufted angioma Lymphatic malformations Another subclassi cation for hemangiomas is focal ver Kaposiform sus segmental disease. Focal hemangiomas are localized, uni Fast- ow hemangioendothelioma locular lesions which adhere to the phases of growth and Arteriovenous malformations involution. Multifocal hemangiomatosis also exists, and in fants with greater than 5 lesions should undergo workup to rule out visceral involvement. Segmental hemangiomas are more di use plaquelike and can lead to untoward functional the pathogenesis of infantile hemangiomas remains un and aesthetic outcomes. The limb and face are common loca clear, although two theories dominate current thought. Head and neck lesions frequently rst theory suggests that hemangioma endothelial cells arise coincide with the distribution of the trigeminal nerve. A from disrupted placental tissue imbedded in fetal soft tissues beard-like distribution is associated with a subglottic heman during gestation or birth. Regardless, a stridulous child been shown to coincide with those found in placental tissue with either a focal or segmental hemangioma should be pre [3].

Once ment 45mg midamor free shipping prehypertension 34 weeks pregnant, such as the reproductive rights of the basic knowledge is available buy 45mg midamor otc blood pressure vs pulse pressure, there is men midamor 45 mg low cost blood pressure chart gender. Given that reproductive rights are a con ment dealing with complaints generic 45mg midamor otc arrhythmia practice, another stellation of rights that straddle several with monitoring, one with education etc. Another question concerns the adminis to the controversial aspects of repro trative assignment of the responsibility ductive rights, to link the work to other for reproductive rights. This includes the of the activities being carried out can be following: strengthened and if a reproductive rights angle can be added to its other activities. Such partners could cern in countries that have suffcient include other independent commis rules and practices in place in gen sions (some countries like India have eral. This is not only for the ombudspersons), ministries or depart fathers sake but also emphasizes the ments within government (some coun responsibility of both parents. Another area is laws on access to several ways: quality health services; such laws and regulations should establish 1. When considering such regula and cement the right to reproduc tions, the benchmark should be both tive health services while respecting the relevant international human rights various tenets of human rights, such obligations and the national provisions as the right to consent, the right to as set out in, for example, the consti privacy even for adolescents etc. The focus could be on areas of Standard setting is fundamental to legislation that would seem particularly strengthen the regulatory role of the relevant for the enjoyment of reproduc state in cases where basic sexual tive rights: and reproductive health services are privatized. Some countries have a parallel sys human rights compliant and do not tem of customary law, being metered contain provisions that discriminate or out by traditional leaders according work against achieving reproductive to cultural and/or religious values. Examples of discrimina Customary law can be much more tory legislation are laws that criminal important to people than the laws ize same sex activities between con created by parliament and enforced in senting adults and laws that restrict the courts of law, not least regarding access to sexual and reproductive reproductive rights, such as marriage health services for unmarried couples law. This will normally have negative impacts with respect to entail some research as customary the enjoyment of reproductive rights law is rarely documented in the same and other human rights. A countrys ability to fulfl human focus on ensuring that customary rights, including reproductive rights, law does not go against recognized depends to a large degree on its tenets of human rights and that it budgeting, as for example neces does not promote harmful practices, sary sexual and reproductive health but without diminishing its value as a can only be secured if suffcient legitimate source of law. Not all the groups, including the most vulnera Commissions recommendations ble, marginalized and excluded. The Commission identifed problematic provisions but also propose and several matters as issues of concern advocate for the necessary changes. The provisions, be it in national or interna Commission subsequently provided tional human rights instruments. Ideally, recommendations to the Government there should be systems in place to on how these problems could be ensure that legislation is never passed by effectively addressed in a way that parliament without having been subject respects human rights. The bill, introduced as a private members bill on 14 October 2009, increases the penalty for homosexual acts to life imprisonment in certain cases. It also criminalizes the promotion of homosexuality, including publishing of most material and views on homosexuality as well as the failure to report known homo sexual activities. The bill immediately sparked off protests especially from the international community, while it acquired support from many Ugandans including some religious leaders, based on tradition, religion and moral values. The Uganda Human Rights Commission, as part of its mandate to analyse and review bills before Parliament to ensure compliance with human rights standards, subjected the bill to a detailed analysis, drawing from human rights standards set out in the Ugandan Constitution, treaties and the practice of relevant United Nations human rights bodies. The conclusion, based entirely on legal arguments, was that the Anti-Homosexuality Bill contradicted international human rights standards, including the right to privacy, equality and non-discrimination, as well as the freedoms of speech, expression, association and assembly. The 12th Annual Report 2009 of the Ugandan Human Rights Commission presented the analysis. Despite the advocacy efforts of the Uganda Human Rights Commission and other national and international actors, the President of Uganda promulgated the bill in slightly amended form in February 2014, representing a grave setback for the rights, personal security and wellbeing of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender persons in Uganda. A specifc unit, also under the Directorate of Monitoring and Inspections, has been established to focus on the right to health; this unit monitors the situation on the right to health in general. It with respect to reproductive rights in gen is important that all efforts with respect to eral reports on human rights to the relevant monitoring and reporting are not seen only competent bodies. Information ies), churches, traditional leaders, devel from individual complaints, respecting opment organizations, etc. Especially the tenets of confdentiality, should be with respect to reproductive rights, it is systematized and taken into account as important to establish relationships with part of monitoring of national trends. Consequently, able to decide where to go and whom to monitoring should focus on cases of visit. The right or issue related to rights; inspired on the tool of the same name devel oped by the Center for Reproductive Rights 2. The components of the States Obli on the basis of the jurisprudence developed gations; and 6 Based on Reproductive Rights: A tool for Monitor ing State Obligations, Center for Reproductive Rights 3. What steps has the State taken to eliminate loopholes for escaping liability, for instance by allowing a rapist to escape criminal liability by marrying his victim This includes adequate budgetary, human, and the obligation to ensure administrative resources to the imple information and education mentation of such strategies or plans This includes the obligation to ensure access to contraceptive information and services, safe abortion services, where legal, and reproductive technologies. It cation of treaties, the corresponding optional would appear logical to include a sec protocols and similar instruments but also tion on international instruments not yet on reservations that diminish the impact and ratifed in such reports. There are several international doc ing the results to government and/or uments advocating ratifcation of parliament. When providing input to international part of concluding observations from examinations, especially of the more United Nations human rights commit general kind such as the examination tees and directed more generally, for before the United Nations Human Rights example in statements from meetings Council (the Universal Periodic Review) of policy organs, such as the Summit of and the examination by the African the African Union or the Organization of Commission on Human and Peoples American States. As stressed in committees and regional mechanisms like several concluding observations and clearly the African Commission on Human and prescribed in the Paris Principles, a gov Peoples Rights. This is an excellent stakeholders and takes care to refect such platform to highlight issues relating to repro input fairly in the state report in question. In addition many policy helping to ensure that all relevant issues, documents, several of them universally such as reproductive rights, are put on the approved or adopted by governments at agenda for the process. When providing input on reproduc take the initiative to gather the stakeholders tive rights, either to state reporting or in to provide input that can both be commu shadow reports, it strengthens the argu nicated to the government for inclusion in ments if the input is supported by refer some form in the state report and be used ence to such statements.

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More pial tributaries become Posteriorly the remains of the conglomerate of apparent ventrally and dorsally on the brain as the channels that formed the tentorial plexus result in vascularity of the germinal matrices increases buy midamor 45mg without a prescription hypertension with diabetes. This pulls the partly arachnoid order 45 mg midamor otc blood pressure in legs, partly dural middle cere stage is still the choroid one purchase midamor 45mg otc blood pressure z score calculator, with a prominent bral vein-tentorial sinus toward the edge of the single median prosencephalic vein of Markowski midamor 45 mg overnight delivery blood pressure 9060. Dorsally, with the expansion of the still pro-otic sinus, located medial to the trigem the intrinsic vasculature into the intensely active inal ganglion and forming the cavernous sinus germinal zones, the subependymal system now is (Fig. Due to the hemispheric expansion, the drained by the (true, paired, final) internal cerebral superior sagittal sinus has resulted from the veins via the final vein of Galen into the now well-es concentration ofthesagittal plexus andthetento tablished straight sinus (see Fig. The internal rial sinus has elongated, becoming parallel to the cerebral veins are joined dorsally by the basal veins transverse sinus. Finally, the veins of the superficial (ofRosenthal),arelatively newanastomoticchannel tissues that were initially drained by the intracranial that links, from ventral to dorsal, a tributary of the plexus and secondarily became tributaries of the telencephalic vein, part of the ventral diencephalic Normal and Abnormal Embryology 415 Fig. Condensation of the tentorial plexus results in the plexular appearance of the torcu Fig. The posterior doesnt actually exist) (oa); hypoglossal, between the dural plexus persists until after term (15). These arteries are commonly structure: mainly but not only posterior toward the found in association with vascular diseases, mostly vein of Galen via the dorsal diencephalic vein; later aneurysms,butthisassociationisbiasedbythefact ally to the superior petrosal sinus via the mesence that the pathology leads to the vascular investiga phalicvein17,43andtothesuperiorpetrosal sinusvia tion. No explanation is found in theliterature for their the ventral diencephalic-peduncular segment; persistence. Usually a normally transient embryonal anteriorly to the cavernous sinus-sphenoparietal vessel may persist in development when a flow is sinus or the tentorial sinuses-transverse sinus via abnormally maintained in its lumen; because this the telencephalic segment. In the embryo it is, self46; and it is said be lateral when it runs together besides the trigeminal artery, the most important with the sensory roots of the trigeminal nerve and vessel to supply the longitudinal neural arteries. Apparently, none of the rarely reported cases correspond to a failure to form the distal hypo displayed those features convincingly. It is normally tions of the cisternal segments of the brain arteries short-lived, regressing before stage 2, in week 5. Although the early embryonic pattern of distribution (see later they have fed much controversy, these abnormali discussion). A fenestration is a focal occur, reflecting the original plexiform arrange remnant of the plexular pattern that is the rule at the ment from which the arterial trunks became beginning of the development; it is no different from selected by preferential flow. Typically and logically, the cortical is the most common fenestrated site among branches of the artery of Heubner supply the fron the cerebral arteries. One of the 2 oldest midline fusion areas (or islands) that and prominent brain arteries in the embryo, the become secondarily continuous. Very commonly, it may originate hemodynamically (It should be mentioned that these terms are from the carotid arteries (embryonic pattern) or confusing. The longitudinal the midline fusion of the paired longitudinal neural discontinuity between the caudal, middle, and arteries. It also fits the in the vascular anatomy of the malformation has dorsal midbrain arterial supply, which is described cast new light on the embryology. The choroid afferents point to the fore be related to the congenital dural arteriove tela choroidea; the normal drainage of the tela cho nous fistulae that involve the torcular and roidea is through the paired internal cerebral veins transverse sinus; embryologically the tentorial toward the vein of Galen: a double drainage pattern plexus and meningeal arteries often contribute to therefore could be expected. Therefore it could be identified Chronologically, the malformation points to the not as a vein of Galen, but as the dorsal prosence choroid stage of Klosovskii,1 the relatively short phalic vein (of Markowski)8,35 (see Figs. This vein is not identified before tissue, with specific and well-defined arteries and week 8, and not after week 11. This period extends roughly (there is much a better understanding of the malformation. It may be drained dorsally toward the straight sinus (vein of Galen pattern), or toward a falcine sinus (vein of Markowski pattern), or both (A). On the whole, the vascular pattern of the mal formation reflects the anatomy at the choroidal stage (B). However, in medical environments where fetal rysms without a vein of Galen in which the malfor ultrasound is performed at 12, 22, and 32 weeks, mation is drained directly into a falcine sinus aneurysms of the vein of Galen are commonly re toward the superior sagittal sinus and then, via ported in the last trimester, and apparently never another falcine sinus, toward the straight sinus (fal before 22 weeks. This suggestion is tively, it could be that the vein of Markowski does consistent with the general variability of the bridging notreallydisappearandthatitcouldbehemodynam venous pattern. It may even also be mentioned also by Hochstetter, who states that observed incidentally as an apparently normal the vein of Galen forms from the caudalmost part variant (Fig. This is not illogical, and and colleagues36 proposed the more precise would explain why many vein of Galen aneurysms anatomic name of medullary venous malformation, drain normally into a normally located straight correlating them with the normal intrinsic venous sinus (complemented or not by a falcine sinus), anatomy. On the angiogram the aneurysm drains into a falcine sinus, presumably according to the vein of Markowski pattern, toward the superior sagittal sinus, then through another falcine sinus anteriorly and to the straight sinus. No vein corresponding to the vein of Galen is interposed between the venous sac and the straight sinus (A). Thanks than would be expected from any normal collector, to the wide use of brain computed tomography and its size is proportionate to the size of the portion and magnetic resonance imaging, it has become of brain tissue it drains. The lesion is considered clear that they are the most common vascular mal congenital (ie, developmental) because locally, the formation found in the brain; however, their signifi area that it drains is devoid of its normal veins. Thedysraphiccleftseparatesthediencephalicveinsfromthetentoriumandasaconse quence the internal cerebral veins drain into a likely retained vein of Markowski. All real arrest the development of a vein: the vascularmalformationsofthebraininvolvethecapil venous anatomy passively adapts to the lary bed: arteriovenous malformation or fistula (no arterial hemodynamics, and flow may even interposed capillaries) and telangiectasia (ectatic change the fate of a channel from artery to capillaries), possibly related to cavernomas or angi vein. The arterial malformations described 20 weeks in the basal ganglia28 and close to above are deviations from the classic anatomic term in the cortex,28 all vessels are histolog pattern but the arteries themselves are not mal ically undifferentiated, and only their size formed. The capillary is the primordial vessel that and branching pattern (dividing vs only secondarily becomes differentiated into converging) tells what they are. Hemodynamic tation (first cortical collaterals) and is not studies have demonstrated increased cerebral significant before the last trimester. Fundamental facts concerning the cation for the genesis of cephalic human congenital stages and principles of development of the brain abnormalities. Overview of the blood-vessels,blood-plasmaandredblood-cellsas development of the human brain and spinal cord.

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Plasma lipid and lipoprotein responses to dietary fat and cholesterol: A meta-analysis discount 45 mg midamor with amex arteria hepatica. A prospective study of egg consumption and risk of cardiovascular disease in men and women purchase midamor 45mg overnight delivery arrhythmia heart. A controlled clinical trial with special reference to serum high density lipoproteins order 45mg midamor mastercard blood pressure chart kidney disease. Whole-grain intake may reduce the risk of ischemic heart disease death in postmenopausal women: the Iowa Womens Health Study cheap midamor 45mg overnight delivery blood pressure of 1200. Relationship between dietary fiber and cancer: Metabolic, physi ologic, and cellular mechanisms. Dietary Reference Intakes: the Essential Guide to Nutrient Requirements. Effects of low-fat, high-carbohydrate diets on risk factors for ischemic heart disease in postmenopausal women. Dietary fat and breast cancer in the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey I. Physical activity and physical demand on the job and risk of cardiovascular disease and death: the Framingham Study. Dietary and anthropometric determinants of plasma lipo proteins during a long-term low-fat diet in healthy women. Weight loss on a low-fat diet: Consequence of the imprecision of the control of food intake in humans. Does childhood and adolescence provide a unique opportunity for exer cise to strengthen the skeleton Exercise pre vents the accumulation of triglyceride-rich lipoproteins and their remnants seen when changing to a high-carbohydrate diet. Dietary Reference Intakes: the Essential Guide to Nutrient Requirements. Diet, prevalence and 10-year mortal ity from coronary heart disease in 871 middle-aged men. The inverse relation between fish consumption and 20-year mortality from coronary heart disease. The protective effect of a small amount of fish on coronary heart disease mortality in an elderly population. Cell cycle arrest and induction of apoptosis in pancreatic cancer cells exposed to eicosapenta enoic acid in vitro. No change in glucose tolerance and substrate oxidation after a high-carbohydrate, low-fat diet. Nutrient intakes and body weights of persons consuming high and moderate levels of added sugars. Effect of the glycemic index and content of indigestible carbohydrates of cereal-based breakfast meals on glu cose tolerance at lunch in healthy subjects. Self-report of physical activity and pat terns of mortality in Seventh-day Adventist men. Energy and macronutrient intake in relation to cancer incidence among Swedish women. Colorectal adenomas and diet: A case-control study of subjects participating in the Nottingham Faecal Occult Blood Screening Programme. Dietary Reference Intakes: the Essential Guide to Nutrient Requirements. Dietary habits and incidence of noninsulin-dependent dia betes mellitus in a population study of women in Gothenburg, Sweden. Effects of physical activity, body weight and composition, and muscular strength on bone density in young women. Effects on serum lipids of different dietary fats associated with a high sucrose diet. Physical activity and incidence of non insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus in women. Long-term effects on lipid metabolism of weight reduction on lactovegetarian and mixed diet. High-fat, low-carbohydrate diet and the etiology of non-insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus: the San Luis Valley Dia betes Study. Dietary fat and insulin sensitivity in a triethnic population: the role of obesity. Relative effects of dietary saturated, monounsaturated, and polyunsaturated fatty acids on cardiac arrhythmias in rats. Dietary Reference Intakes: the Essential Guide to Nutrient Requirements. Soy protein and casein in cholesterol enriched diets: Effects on plasma lipoproteins in normolipidemic subjects. Diet composition, energy intake, and exercise in relation to body fat in men and women. Serum cholesterol, blood pressure, cigarette smoking, and death from coronary heart disease. Dietary risk factors for the incidence and recurrence of colorectal adenomatous polyps.

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