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By: Bertram G. Katzung MD, PhD

  • Professor Emeritus, Department of Cellular & Molecular Pharmacology, University of California, San Francisco

Most cases are acquired by sexual contact buy finpecia 1mg on-line hair loss cure knee, injected drug use generic 1 mg finpecia free shipping hair loss in men glasses, or other contact with blood or other body fluids generic 1mg finpecia with visa hair loss on calves. Transmitted most commonly by sexual contact discount finpecia 1mg with visa hair loss in men vest, injected drug use, needle sticks, or maternofetal transmission. Most cases are associated with contact with another person’s blood through injected drug use. Some cases occur through maternofetal transmission or needlesticks in healthcare workers. Pathogen reduction of human-derived clotting factor concentrates makes transmission unlikely. Current laboratory reporting guidance is available from the sources given in Appendix B. A source listing, by county, New York State county health department contact information is provided in Appendix C. Most cases are acquired through breast milk, sexual contact (primarily male to female), or injected drug use. Transmission has not been reported in association with frozen plasma or with red blood cell components stored for at least 28 days. No transfusion-transmitted case of syphilis has been reported in the United States in more than 40 years. The absence of disease transmission may be due to the low frequency of the disease in the blood donor population and a relatively small period of asymptomatic spirochetemia in infected persons. Studies have suggested, although not proven 4 conclusively, that storage conditions of both red blood cells and platelets are not compatible with extended survival of the organism. Counseling messages for donors with confirmed positive screening test results should reflect the low likelihood of actual acute infection. Suspected or confirmed clinical cases and positive laboratory test results for syphilis are reportable to the local health department, based on the patient’s or donor’s county of residence. Transfusion-associated cases should be reported to the collecting facility and the Blood and Tissue Resources Program. Health department programs that can assist in investigations or receive reports can be found in Appendix C. A rare, acute “malaria-like” infection caused in the northeastern United States by Babesia microti. Endemic areas in the eastern United States include eastern Long Island, Connecticut, and Massachusetts. Usually produces no disease or mild disease in immunocompetent humans, but can cause severe illness in those who are splenectomized, elderly, or otherwise immunosuppressed. An asymptomatic carrier state has been demonstrated in infected blood donors for periods exceeding a year. Suspected or confirmed clinical cases and positive laboratory test results for Babesia infection are reportable to the local health department, based on the patient’s or donor’s county of residence. Caused by the protozoan Trypanosoma cruzi, transmitted by insects of the Reduviidae family (kissing bugs); also transmissible by blood transfusion and organ transplantation, and may be transmissible by tissues containing intact cells. Highly prevalent in areas of Mexico, and Central and South America; confirmed cases are uncommon in the United States. A limited number of cases have been reported in association with blood transfusion and organ transplantation in North America during the last 25 years, almost exclusively in immunocompromised patients. Infected individuals may be identified by observation of the protozoan in peripheral blood smears and biopsy specimens (in a few acute cases), and by detection of antibodies by enzyme immunoassay or indirect immunofluorescence. Chronically infected persons likely have intermittent parasitemia, and about 50 percent of recipients of blood donated by chronically infected individuals acquire the infection. Thought to be currently the most frequent infectious disease risk of blood transfusion. Most commonly associated with contamination during blood collection (skin or environmental bacteria) or, less frequently, during manipulation of components. Risk of transfusion-transmitted bacterial infection is higher for platelets because room temperature storage conditions facilitate bacterial proliferation. Typical reaction is characterized by chills, high fever, rigors and shock in the first few minutes of transfusion; transfusion must be immediately discontinued. Diagnosis is frequently complicated by contamination during collection of samples, or by antibiotic therapy of the recipient. Tracing and identification of other components from the same collection is indicated. Careful consideration of the risk of bacteremia is extremely important in qualifying autogeneic donors. Careful evaluation of autogeneic and allogeneic donors for risk of bacteremia (very important). Diversion of first 10 to 50 mL of blood collected, using special collection pouches. Units identified as contaminated with bacteria should not be released for allogeneic or autogeneic transfusion. Consideration may be given to deferral from future donation, as determined by the medical director, for particular organisms. Culture, after a day of storage during which bacteria have had an opportunity to proliferate, or prior to release, is superior to insensitive surrogate markers, such as pH and glucose (percentage remaining following consumption by bacteria). Careful inspection of all blood and blood components, prior to release for transfusion, for grossly visible abnormalities, such as discoloration and clots. Bacterial contamination may be associated with changes in the appearance of the blood component.

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No attempt was made to discount 1 mg finpecia otc hair loss during pregnancy identify symp toms that distinguished aqueous-deficient dry eye from evapo (Figs discount finpecia 1 mg on-line hair loss fatigue. The light source is applied to finpecia 1 mg with visa hair loss icd 9 the skin side of the evaporative dry eye is the most common form of dry eye lid finpecia 1 mg generic hair loss 4 months postpartum, and the disposition of the glands is viewed and recorded disease (Castillanos E, et al. The scope of this technique has been the lid disease and associated ocular surface consequences. Normal meibomian glands of a 38-year-old woman, viewed ration (and tear turnover rate) was considered in groups sub by infrared meibography shows scattered gland absence or irregularity divided by phenotypes of evaporative dry eye and aqueous (courtesy of R. There is extensive meibomian gland dropout in a patient with meibomian gland dysfunction (courtesy of N. Meibomian gland dysfunction: expression of opaque occurs as an age-related atrophic process. These qualities have been incor border of the lid), central, or distal (at the free margin of the porated into various grading schemes. Extensive dropout is expressibility of glands during digital expression has been associated with increasing evaporative water loss from the graded55,87,98and expressibility from single or multiple glands, eye. Several additional morpho distal) has the greatest effect on the other meibomian indices, logic features occur and have been incorporated into grading including clinical lid characteristics, size of the marginal lipid schemes. No study to correlate the loca fices may exhibit elevations above the surface level of the lid, tion of dropout with the presence of plugging or the express referred to as plugging or pouting, which are due to obstruc ibility or quality of expressed lipid has yet been conducted. It tion of the terminal ducts and extrusion of a mixture of mei could be anticipated that distal dropout, close to the orifices, bomian lipid and keratinized cell debris (meibomian excreta; would have the most profound functional effect and may Fig. This junction is important jects, digital pressure applied to the tarsal plate expresses because it forms the watershed between the lipid-wettable skin meiboian secretions resident in the ducts and possibly in prox of the lid margin and the water-wettable mucosa. In this situation, restoring the made up of a mixture of altered secretions and keratinized meibum delivery will allow oil be taken up once again into the epithelial debris,95 is also referred to as meibomian excreta. Cloudy expressed meibum opaque meibum expressed in response to forceful bimanual gland (arrows) (courtesy of A. Cicatricial meibomian gland dysfunction: All meibomian orifices open onto the marginal conjunctiva, with some exposure of terminal ducts (arrows) (courtesy of A. Lid margin hyper emia with orifice opacity with plugging (arrows); (courtesy of A. Al though therapy may suppress the inflammatory events, it can not restore anatomic relationships. As Marx’s line indicates the same lid margin in the absence of a conjunctival scarring the location of the mucocutaneous junction, this report dem disease. This aging process pling, telangiectasia, increased vascularity of the posterior lid contrasts with the process, which draws the orifices posteri margin, epithelial ridging between gland orifices (Figs. In this case, submucosal connective tissue volume of expressed secretions has been proposed as an addi tional gradable parameter,90 the technique is not widely rec scarring leads to a stretching and exposure of the terminal ducts of the glands and a thinning of the overlying conjunctival ommended, as this is a measurement of volume expressed, mucosa. This is termed ductal exposure and presents as a recorded as the diameter of expressed meibum, and is depen slightly elevated, riblike feature that is a telltale sign of the dent both on the force applied and the duration of the force. It is also essential for appli where they are ultimately lost to view or absorbed (Fig. Since affected orifices are located in the mucosa, any oil Meibomian Gland Dropout: Grading Scales. Cicatricial meibomian gland dysfunction: All meibomian dense orifice opacification with periductal fibrosis (courtesy of A. Advanced cicatricial meibomian gland dysfunction: orifice ing extending between opacified meibomian gland orifices (courtesy retroplacement and opacity (courtesy of G. Meiboscopy is the quantification of meibomian gland drop infrared transillumination and capture system, imaging approx out by using lid transillumination94 and involves clinical obser imately 15 lower lid glands, the group reported the within and vation alone. Meibography is the same technique, but using between-observer reliability of two methods of grading. Meibography is useful in providing a permanent In the gestalt system, they estimated the fractional, (partial or record, which permits masking of scoring and therefore pro total) gland loss ona1to4scale, where 1 was no gland loss vides greater objectivity. Such records can be handled at a and 2 was 25%, 3 was 25% to 75%, and 4 was 75% gland loss reading center, to provide improved standardization in clinical in the image with partial glands. The transillumination technique is relatively time-con intact glands in the region of interest was counted. It can be suming, is challenging in patients with thickened tarsal plates, seen from Table 4, that for the gestalt system, using a weighted and may have limited general use. The technique is said to be more the 95% limits of agreement method, reliability was judged to rapid and less disturbing for the patient than standard transil be moderate within observers and fair between observers. The reader should consult the original article for and the diameter of intact glands, using in vivo confocal mi details of the statistical treatment. The total gland loss in the nasal and temporal halves of each of lid, result was termed the meiboscore. The quences of gland obstruction, such as altered tear film lipid total number of glands lost in the central portion of the lower layer stability, increased evaporative loss, and ocular surface eyelid (of eight adjacent glands) was measured. Using a near score from the upper and lower lids would be needed to reflect this most accurately. Scale ranges must be considered, to demonstrate the rela tionship between dropout and other parameters. Currently, there is no consensus as to the number of discrete increments that should be used in clinical grading. This approach has been used effectively for the grading of corneal staining on a 0.

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The following principles are encouraged to 1mg finpecia visa hair loss 8 months after giving birth reduce behavioural feeding problems:  Creating a relaxed and enjoyable feeding environment quality finpecia 1mg hair loss naturally home remedies. It has a range of severities and most children will have fully grown out of it by 18 months of age; although symptoms will often have gone before this age discount 1mg finpecia amex hair loss cure taiwan, lessening from about 6 months buy 1mg finpecia mastercard hair loss cure 6 putter. Most will display some symptoms such as colic, posseting and effortless vomiting characteristically being able to feed straight afterwards, although reflux can be silent. Infants that have evidence of discomfort especially with back arching should definitely be treated. It should also be considered as a potential reason for unexplained deterioration in lung function. In the face of continued symptoms despite treatment, further investigation may include a milk scan to look for aspiration and/or a barium meal to check the anatomy of the stomach outlet prior to considering a fundoplication. A pH study or impedance study are also useful and maybe a useful opportunistic investigation to do in conjunction with bronchoscopy. Enterobacter, Escherichia, Klebsiella, Citrobacter), we will assume the child has reflux, treat accordingly and consider a pH study. The incidence varies widely but it mostly affects those with pancreatic insufficiency. The pathophysiology is not fully understood, but there are often multiple contributory factors including:  Severe genotype 124 Clinical guidelines for the care of children with cystic fibrosis 2017 Children often report having their bowels open as usual, or sometimes diarrhoea (from overflow). Differential diagnosis Constipation (commonest), adhesions post abdominal surgery, appendicitis, intussusception, volvulus, fibrosing colonopathy (extremely rare), biliary tract or gallbladder disease, acute pancreatitis, urinary tract infection. Consider rectal gastrografin if oral administration is not possible or if there is vomiting due to obstruction. Other treatments  Oral N-acetylcysteine a di-sulphide bond breaker, comes in sachets containing granules (200mg – dissolved in water, orange flavoured). The 200mg/ml injection can be given orally but is usually only used in the neonatal setting and should be mixed with water to a concentration of 50mg/ml. Movicol or occasionally lactulose 126 Clinical guidelines for the care of children with cystic fibrosis 2017 However beware of increasing enzyme doses when all that is needed is simple childhood constipation treatment. Incidence does not rise progressively but seems to peak during the second decade and is more common in males (3:1). There is no known genotype-phenotype correlation but there is a high familial concordance and strong association with certain polymorphisms that may be predictive of future disease, for example 1-antitrypsin Z allele heterozygotes have a 7 fold increased risk of cirrhosis. This includes steatosis and focal or multilobular biliary cirrhosis, neonatal cholestasis in infancy (conjugated hyperbilirubinaemia secondary to bile duct obstruction), gallstones and cholecystitis in later childhood and abnormally raised transaminases. The pathogenesis is unclear, although it has been suggested that it arises secondary to fatty acid, choline or carnitine deficiency, or insulin resistance. Its natural history is still uncertain and the frequency of progression to cirrhosis is unknown. Guidance from Kings is that in the absence of hepato or splenomegaly, and with normal liver function, they would not start ursodeoxycholic acid but would repeat the ultrasound in 1 year. Detection of liver disease There is no single gold standard for the diagnosis of liver disease, but careful attention should be given to the following:  Palpation of an enlarged liver and/or spleen. Other indications for ultrasound are persistently raised transaminases on 3 consecutive measures over 12 months, clinical hepatomegaly or clinical splenomegaly. Consider drug causes – discuss with the pharmacy team at the earliest opportunity. This score has been developed to quantify the degree of hepatic fibrosis using ultrasound sheer wave elastography. It has been shown to have less intra and inter-observer variability when compared to ultrasound alone. It is well tolerated with main side effect of diarrhoea, in which case reduce the dose. Patients who are about to transition to our adult team may be referred to him for continuity. Treatment of complications (All management of complications should be discussed with the child’s hepatologist)  Portal Hypertension  Splenomegaly Avoid contact sports. Advice for further management should be from hepatology team but may include: intravenous octreotide, terlipressin (splanchnic vasoconstrictor), endoscopic sclerotherapy. Octreotide can be started on Rose ward prior to transfer but does have implications for nursing care. Iron deficiency anaemia (hypochromic microcytic anaemia with low ferritin) is the extreme end of a spectrum of iron deficiency. Increased concentrations of iron, ferritin and isoferritins have been found in the sputum of adults with 129 Clinical guidelines for the care of children with cystic fibrosis 2017 However it seems that airway iron levels are not a function of serum iron, rather the leaky epithelium. Another important cause of hypochromic microcytic anaemia is anaemia of chronic disease, where iron is poorly utilised due to the increase in certain cytokines. Here the major differentiator from iron deficiency anaemia is a normal or raised ferritin.

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Salvage radiotherapy +/ surgical removal of 1858 previously unirradiated nodes should be attempted if there are no signs of systemic recurrences buy 1 mg finpecia with visa hair loss cure just like heaven. For selected endpoints order finpecia 1 mg otc himalaya anti hair loss, a dose effect relation 1881 will be investigated based on Cox proportional hazard models; independent risk factors for morbidity will be taken into account by 1882 multivariate modelling buy finpecia 1 mg on-line hair loss cure replicel. The time points of assessment are 1892 scheduled according to order 1 mg finpecia with mastercard hair loss in men 9 inch the morbidity assessment. Better selection of 1911 patients at high risk of distant metastasis or recurrence will allow for a highly personalized treatment approach. The aim of the sub-study is to apply more advanced techniques in a limited number 1923 of patients as a discovery set for novel markers of tumour sensitivity and response. Based on available evidence at the time of study 1924 closure, a more targeted approach will be undertaken, aiming to validate the most promising markers in the large cohort of patients. This offers a unique opportunity for intensive translational 1931 research into the identification of biomarkers for the manifestation of (late) treatment-related morbidity. A sub-study is envisioned for 1932 collaborating centres with the aim to improve future individualisation of follow-up strategies and eventually treatment protocols. For 1933 this, early markers indicative of the individual patient’s risk to develop treatment-induced (late) morbidity will be identified and 1934 characterised. The prognostic characteristics of the patient populations may change over time and the evaluation will take into account 1978 major prognostic factors through stratification and/or other statistical methods such as propensity score weighting. Proportions will be evaluated as number of patients with and without the characteristic and as a percentage. Data from patients who had not reached the endpoint at the time of the last follow-up 2006 will be treated as censored observations. Nodal control will be defined as 2009 absence of nodal disease within the pelvis and within the para-aortic nodes. Morbidity will be censored at time of any recurrence (local, nodal, systemic) and baseline morbidity 2015 will be taken into account in any analysis in order to differentiate between tumor-related and treatment-related symptoms. Approval of the institution/investigator must be 2041 accomplished prior to any patient enrolment in the protocol. The 2062 Dummy Run will include a training and registration phase as well as submission of contouring and dose planning for evaluation. A number of validation procedures will be installed in order to ensure a high data 2142 quality. The protocol will be approved by the local 2152 Research Ethics Committee in accordance with national guidelines and legislation in the participating centres. In order to avoid identification errors, patient’s initials (maximum of 4 letters) and date of birth and 2157 local chart number (if available) will also be recorded, only on the registration form. The radiation oncologist will hand out the written patient information form, and 2162 before deciding to participate, the patient will be offered enough time for consideration the study. Documented written informed consent must be obtained for 2169 all patients included in the study before they are registered at the Study Office. All or some of these advanced 2179 technological interventions will be implemented as standard treatment in participating centres, but there may be deviations in the 2180 extent to which the standard treatment differs from the study protocol per participating institution. Nonetheless, it is expected that 2181 minor deviations between the study protocol and the standard treatment in a centre will not alter the chance of tumour control and 2182 treatment related morbidity for a given individual patient. The written patient information should be adapted if necessary to 2183 accommodate the institutional standard treatment policy and needs subsequent approval by the local ethics committee. Regular physical meetings have been held in addition to research visits through 2266 researchers in particular going to Vienna, Aarhus and Utrecht and additional much internet communication. Tumour that is visible 2286 or palpable is drawn manually, usually on paper templates. Dotted lines in the parametria represent a border between the proximal and distal half of the parametria. In addition, tumour can be 2302 identified as exophytic in nature by changing the border as outlined in the legend. There are certain advantages to coloured marker 2303 approach, such as straightforward and quick implementation, and immediately recognizable distinctions of different anatomical 2304 areas of involvement. However, the incorporation of up to four specifically coloured markers into routine clinical practice in clinics 2305 and operating rooms may be a challenge to do consistently. Unlike the colour approach, 2310 consistent availability of a pen at any location or with any caregiver should not be an issue. Advantages of an electronic approach include the consistency and clarity of the drawings produced. In addition, the 2318 electronic format facilitates the storage, access, and distribution of the drawings. The task was to describe basic concepts and terms and to work out a terminology enabling various groups 2343 working in this advanced field to use a common language. The volume, which is enclosed by 150 or 200% of the prescribed dose 2364 (V150, V200), is recommended for overall assessment of high dose volumes. V100 is recommended for quality assessment only within a 2365 given treatment schedule. Dose 2368 values are reported as absorbed dose and also taking into account different dose rates. In image-guided brachytherapy the 2388 geometry of the applicator is extracted from the patient 3D images and introduced into the treatment planning system; a process 2389 referred to as applicator reconstruction. Appropriate applicator commissioning and reconstruction methods must be implemented in 2391 order to minimise uncertainties and to avoid accidental errors. The importance of proper 2394 commissioning is underlined by the fact that errors in library files result in systematic errors for clinical treatment plans. Multiplanar 2420 (transversal, sagittal, coronal and oblique image orientation) T2-weighted images obtained with pelvic surface coils are considered as 2421 the golden standard for visualisation of the tumour and the critical organs. Daily image guidance and bony registration Answer categories (one answer possible): Daily Weekly First 1-5 fractions Other (free text) Which kind of image guidance is used during external beam radiotherapy?

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Sleep disturbances cause slowed responses and vertebrae; therefore cheap 1 mg finpecia hair loss in men vest, falls remain a major public health problem subsequently result in greater risk of accidents and injuries such among people aged 65 years or older order 1mg finpecia free shipping hair loss cure 4 hunger. Falls are a major syndrome in the elderly finpecia 1mg mastercard hair loss cure yeast, require nursing care services as a result of these problems cheap finpecia 1 mg amex hair loss cure july 2012. Although a few studies have reported the relationship between the former includes an individual’s physical and cognitive falls and sleep disturbances, we did not find any link between abilities such as muscle strength, balance capacity, reactive sleep duration and falling. This may be because the relationship power, dual tasking, and sleep disturbances; and the latter between sleep disturbances and risk of falls is mediated by. We used an Internet panel survey in this study; Participants’ recognition rate of locomotive syndrome was quite therefore, our participants may have been healthier, with fewer low compared with metabolic syndrome and cognitive cognitive problems and less depression than is observed in the impairment at the time our survey was conducted in April 2011. Elderly persons sometimes exhibit the recognition rate has increased dramatically in recent years, different circadian rhythms compared with younger individuals, for example, it was reported at 36. However, these rates still fall far short of those in our study were generally sleeping more than 6 hours per for metabolic syndrome and cognitive impairment. The Ministry night, and there was not a single participant whose sleep duration of Health, Labour and Welfare of Japan has set a target was less than 5 hours, indicating that our sample generally slept recognition rate of 80% by 2022. Osteoporosis represents a major public health problem through its association Fall prevention is a major public health theme because falls with fragility fractures. The public health burden of osteoporotic occur frequently and can cause subsequently devastating fractures is increasing, due in part to an increase in life problems for elderly individuals, affecting their morbidity, expectancy. The results of our study indicate that approximately mortality, and locomotive ability. Falls occur in 30%-60% of 1 in 4 of our participants (between the ages of 30 and 90 years) older persons each year, and 10%-20% of these result in injury, could be at risk of locomotive disability, which means that their hospitalization, and/or death [22]. The cause of falls is generally circumstances could cause them to require nursing care services multifactorial, including certain medications, environmental currently or to be at high risk of requiring such services within hazards in daily life, and physiological changes due to aging. The most important risk factors are muscle weakness and problems with gait and balance [22]. Environmental barriers Questionnaire Survey and Its Advantages are responsible for 30%-50% of falls. At home, thresholds, When we recruited the participants in this study, we created 3 stairs, carpets, and slippery surfaces represent barriers [23]. Our age categories that spanned 20-year categories because the study indicated that one can assess the risk factors such as distribution of participant numbers needed to be equivalent muscle weakness and gait and balance problems using the among ages. As the actual ages of the participants were recorded, self-administered loco-check for locomotive syndrome. Even we were able to divide the subjects into 2 groups (<65 years elderly persons can easily detect their risk of fall using this tool. Adding the number logistic regression analysis using the actual ages of the of items endorsed is also easy, resulting in a quick assessment participants (as shown in Tables 2 and 3). Families of high-risk adults could be alerted of falling increases with advancing age [29], and many studies to remove dangerous barriers at home such as slippery surfaces have investigated the fall risk in elderly people only and carpets, and public health staff could apply interventions [13,14,26,30]. In contrast, we investigated the fall risk across such as balance exercises for the high-risk person. Iizuka et al [24] reported that endorsing a larger falling by comparing the fall risk of the elderly generation with number of items in loco-check was associated with reduced that of the younger generation. This may result in some self-reported questionnaire regarding one’s health status. Second, we used an Internet panel survey However, neither instrument focuses on the incidence of falls. Elderly persons who use computers and the Internet locomotive syndrome and incidence of falls in the previous may be more active and healthier than those who do not; year. They used the 25-question Geriatric Locomotive Function therefore, we may have underestimated the incidence of falling. Others have However, Internet panel surveys are becoming common for also reported an association between locomotive syndrome and epidemiology research in the social sciences [31-33]. Our suggested method for assessing fall study did not find a relationship between sleep duration and risk is simply determining the number of items endorsed on the falling. However, it is also important to pay attention to sleep 7-item loco-check self-assessment. Such an assessment would quality among older adults, considering the documented impact be easy to perform, both for the individual and for public health of sleep disturbances on health [34]. Fourth, our study was a survey conducted using an Internet-based questionnaire, therefore we could not justify whether simple self-assessment using loco-check is useful for. Concerning these points, further the relationship, with adjustments for sex and age. Conclusions Endorsement of 4 or more items appeared to signal a high risk We conducted an Internet panel survey to investigate the for falls. To prevent falls, it would be ideal for people at home relationship between falls in the previous year and difficulties to evaluate their potential risk by means of a simple with specific daily activities, total number of difficulties self-checklist. The short self-administered checklist of (loco-check) endorsed, and sleep duration. A multivariate loco-check can be a valuable tool for assessing the risk of falling analysis was carried out using logistic regression to investigate and for initiating preventive measures. Acknowledgments We thank Y Miyake and M Matsumura (Nara Medical University School of Medicine, Japan) for their assistance in data cleaning. This study was partially supported by a Grant-in-Aid for scientific research from the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare, Japan.

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