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By: William A. Weiss, MD, PhD

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Furthermore 20 mg atorlip-20 cholesterol medication glass, an elderly woman who was given 2 tbs of a psyllium-based laxative three times daily suffered from smallbowel obstruction (Berman and Schultz discount 20 mg atorlip-20 visa cholesterol in a shrimp, 1980) cheap atorlip-20 20mg with visa high cholesterol foods diet. Thus purchase 20 mg atorlip-20 visa average cholesterol test, psyllium generally does not cause gastrointestinal distress provided adequate amounts of water are consumed. In the European Center Prevention Organization Study, psyllium (Functional Fiber) was provided at a level of 3. Patients (n = 655) with a history of colon adenomas were randomly assigned to one of three treatment groups: 2 g/d of calcium, 3. The adjusted odds ratio for colon adenoma recurrence for the psyllium fiber intervention was 1. The authors concluded that supplementation with psyllium may have adverse effects on colon adenoma recurrence. Several reports of anaphylaxis have been reported following the ingestion of psyllium-containing cereals (Drake et al. Symptoms of asthma have also been reported in individuals exposed to psyllium powder (Busse and Schoenwetter, 1975). Summary While occasional adverse gastrointestinal symptoms are observed when consuming some of the isolated or synthetic fibers, serious chronic adverse effects have not been observed. Furthermore, due to the bulky nature of fibers, excess consumption is likely to be self-limiting. Research that provides human data and does the following is assigned the highest priority: • Evaluate the protective effect of fiber against colon cancer in subsets of the population by applying genotyping and phenotyping to those participating in fiber and colon cancer trials. There also needs to be increased validation of intermediate markers, such as polyp recurrence, and assessment of functional markers. Three-week psyllium-husk supplementation: Effect on plasma cholesterol concentrations, fecal steroid excretion, and carbohydrate absorption in men. Gastrointestinal effects and energy value of polydextrose in healthy nonobese men. Task Force Committee of the Nutrition Committee and the Cardiovascular Disease in the Young Council of the American Heart Association. Effects of dietary wheat-bran fiber on rectal epithelial cell proliferation in patients with resection for colorectal cancers. The effect of wheat-bran fiber and calcium supplementation on rectal mucosal proliferation rates in patients with resected adenomatous colorectal polyps. Lack of effect of a high-fiber cereal supplement on the recurrence of colorectal adenomas. A prospective study of diet and the risk of symptomatic diverticular disease in men. Prospective study of physical activity and the risk of symptomatic diverticular disease in men. A prospective study of dietary fiber types and symptomatic diverticular disease in men. Hypocholesterolemic effects of high-fibre diets rich in water-soluble plant fibres. Hypocholesterolemic effects of oat-bran or bean intake for hypercholesterolemic men. Cholesterol-lowering effects of psyllium hydrophilic mucilloid for hypercholesterolemic men. Prospective, randomized, controlled comparison of the effects of low-fat and low-fat plus high-fiber diets on serum lipid concentrations. Cholesterol-lowering effects of psyllium-enriched cereal as an adjunct to a prudent diet in the treatment of mild to moderate hypercholesterolemia. Effects of psyllium on glucose and serum lipid responses in men with type 2 diabetes and hypercholesterolemia. Cholesterol-lowering effects of psyllium intake adjunctive to diet therapy in men and women with hypercholesterolemia: Meta-analysis of 8 controlled trials. Long-term cholesterol-lowering effects of psyllium as an adjunct to diet therapy in the treatment of hypercholesterolemia. Water supplementation enhances the effect of high-fiber diet on stool frequency and laxative consumption in adult patients with functional constipation. Low body mass index in nonmeat eaters: the possible roles of animal fat, dietary fibre and alcohol. Improved diabetic control and hypocholesterolaemic effect induced by longterm dietary supplementation with guar gum in type-2 (insulin-independent) diabetes. Effects of psyllium therapy on stool characteristics, colon transit and anorectal function in chronic idiopathic constipation. Dietary fibre added to very low calorie diet reduces hunger and alleviates constipation. Effects of a very low fat, high fiber diet on serum hormones and menstrual function. A randomized controlled trial of low carbohydrate and low fat/high fiber diets for weight loss. Gastric emptying of a solid meal is accelerated by the removal of dietary fibre naturally present in food. Dietary intake and faecal excretion of carbohydrate by Australians: Importance of achieving stool weights greater than 150 g to improve faecal markers relevant to colon cancer risk. Long term effect of fibre supplement and reduced energy intake on body weight and blood lipids in overweight subjects.

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Culture is less of a factor in mental health than in other organic syndromes or illnesses 28 Family Medicine Ethics and Professionalism 52 generic atorlip-20 20mg amex cholesterol medication starting with v. You prescribe trimethoprim-sulfamethoxazole (Bactrim) for her infection cheap atorlip-20 20mg online cholesterol lowering foods garlic, but forget to purchase 20mg atorlip-20 free shipping cholesterol not the cause of heart disease ask about allergies effective atorlip-20 20mg cholesterol levels daily intake. The next day, she returns with significant hives, asking if Bactrim contains “sulfa,” something she is allergic to. Which of the following fundamental principles of medical professionalism has been violated The patient has a documented allergy to angiotensin converting enzyme inhibitors, and you note that the physician is prescribing them. You assume that the physician knows best, and do not let the physician know of the potential mistake. The attending physician asks if you would like to gain experience by practicing intubations on the patient who has died. You feel that this relates to one of your professional responsibilities, to maintain clinical competence, and consider the offer. Which fundamental principle of professionalism and ethics would be violated if you do this In the elevator, your senior resident says, “Before I forget, make sure you send Mr. One of your patients is 6 months pregnant, and is found to have a medical condition that, if left untreated, will be life-threatening to both her and the fetus. She believes that God will take care of her and the baby, and she refuses medical intervention offered to her. Which of the following best describes the principle of patient autonomy in this case She has no right to refuse the intervention, based on the fact that her decision is lethal to both her and her unborn infant b. She has no right to refuse the intervention, based on the fact that her decision is lethal to her infant c. She has the right to refuse the intervention, only if the father of her baby agrees. She has the right to refuse the intervention if she is found competent to make the decision 57. His electrocardiogram is abnormal, and you feel he should have a cardiac catheterization. Which of the following responses best demonstrates the tenets of professionalism in this case Respect the patient’s choice and continue to explore his reasons for refusing treatment b. Explain to him that you think he is making a bad decision, and try to convince him to change his mind c. Discharge the patient from your practice because of the poor doctor-patient relationship you have with him 30 Family Medicine 58. He thoroughly understands his condition, and realizes that he has only a few months to live. He asks that you do not tell his wife about his prognosis, as “she won’t be able to take it. Do not tell the patient’s wife, but inform her that you will not tell her husband about the conversation you’ve just had. Do not tell the patient’s wife, but make an effort to encourage an open dialogue between her and her husband Complementary and Alternative Medicine 59. Traditional therapies have offered limited benefit to a 55-year-old woman who suffers from migraine headaches, and she asks you about alternative therapies. She currently takes 325 mg of enteric-coated aspirin a day, and paroxetine, 20 mg daily. What percentage of patients that use complementary and alternative medicine practices reveal this information to their conventionally trained physicians After a prolonged fight with metastatic breast cancer, your patient decides to forego further attempts at curative treatment and focus on palliative care. She has tried nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory agents and acetaminophen for management of her chronic bone pain, but this has been ineffective. Dexamethasone or another steroid to get the pain under control then scheduled nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory medications to maintain pain control b. Five milligrams of immediate release morphine sulfate every 4 hours, with a dose every 2 hours as needed d. Sustained release morphine sulfate, with immediate release morphine used for breakthrough pain. She has been stable for weeks, but is requiring increasing amounts of opiates to maintain pain control. The patient’s disease is progressing and you should increase her medication dosage b. The patient is developing tolerance and you should maintain the dosage of medication to avoid dependence. The rash consisted of grouped vesicles on erythematous bases in a dermatomal pattern. You effectively treated the rash, but the patient complained of a persistent burning and itching pain in the same area as the rash. He was diagnosed 4 months ago, and is not expected to live for more than 2 months.

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To lose weight purchase atorlip-20 20mg without a prescription cholesterol lowering foods in india, most people need to buy 20mg atorlip-20 with mastercard elevated cholesterol levels definition reduce the number of calories they get from foods and beverages and increase their physical activity buy atorlip-20 20 mg amex milligrams of cholesterol in eggs. For a weight loss of 1 to order atorlip-20 20mg otc is cholesterol in shrimp good 1 pounds per week, daily intake should be reduced by 500 to 750 calories. Eating patterns that contain 1,200 to 1,500 calories each day can help most women lose weight safely, and eating patterns that contain 1,500 to 1,800 calories each day are suitable for most men for weight loss. In adults who are overweight or obese, if reduction in total calorie intake is achieved, a variety of eating patterns can produce weight loss, particularly in the frst 6 months to 2 years;[9] however, more research is needed on the health implications of consuming these eating patterns long-term. In addition, they provide other provides an array of nutrients, and the nutrients that also are found in seafood, meats, and poultry, such as iron amounts recommended refect eating and zinc. They are excellent sources of dietary fber and of nutrients, such patterns that have been associated with as potassium and folate that also are found in other vegetables. Foods from Because legumes have a similar nutrient profle to foods in both the all of the food groups should be eaten protein foods group and the vegetable group, they may be thought of in nutrient-dense forms. The following as either a vegetable or a protein food and thus, can be counted as a sections describe the recommendations vegetable or a protein food to meet recommended intakes. Green beans are grouped with the other vegetables subgroup, which includes Vegetables onions, iceberg lettuce, celery, and cabbage, because their Healthy Intake: Healthy eating patterns nutrient content is not similar to legumes. Whole fruits include fresh, frozen, canned, and dried options in legumes the most dietary fber, and starchy fresh, canned, frozen, and dried forms. One cup of 100% fruit juice counts Considerations: To provide all of the cup-equivalents of vegetables per day. Although fruit juice can nutrients and potential health benefts In addition, weekly amounts from each be part of healthy eating patterns, it is that vary across different types of vegetable subgroup are recommended to lower than whole fruit in dietary fber and vegetables, the Healthy U. Therefore, at least half of Key Nutrient Contributions: Vegetables for each subgroup. Vegetable choices the recommended amount of fruits should are important sources of many nutrients, over time should vary and include come from whole fruits. Vegetables consumed, they should be 100% juice, vitamin A,[11] vitamin C, vitamin K, copper, should be consumed in a nutrient-dense without added sugars. Also, when selecting magnesium, vitamin E, vitamin B6, folate, form, with limited additions such as canned fruit, choose options that are lowest iron, manganese, thiamin, niacin, and salt, butter, or creamy sauces. Each of the vegetable subgroups selecting frozen or canned vegetables, fruit counts as one cup-equivalent of fruit. Similar to juice, when consumed in excess, of nutrients, making it important for dried fruits can contribute extra calories. For example, dark-green Healthy Intake: Healthy eating patterns Key Nutrient Contributions: Among vegetables provide the most vitamin K, red include fruits, especially whole fruits. The the many nutrients fruits provide are fruits food group includes whole fruits dietary fber, potassium, and vitamin C. The at Least Half that is 50% juice counts as cup of fruit recommended amount of grains in the of Grains juice). Sweetened juice 2,000-calorie level is 6 ounce-equivalents per Whole Grains products with minimal juice content, such day. At least half of this amount should be A food is a 100-percent whole-grain as juice drinks, are considered to be sugarwhole grains (see the How To Make at Least food if the only grains it contains are sweetened beverages rather than fruit juice Half of Grains Whole Grains call-out box). One ounce-equivalent because they are primarily composed of of whole grains has 16 g of whole Key Nutrient Contributions: Whole water with added sugars (see the Added grains. The recommendation to grains are a source of nutrients, such as consume at least half of total grains as Sugars section). The percent of juice in a dietary fber, iron, zinc, manganese, folate, whole grains can be met in a number beverage may be found on the package magnesium, copper, thiamin, niacin, vitamin of ways. Most refned grains to choose 100 percent whole-grain children align with the recommendation are enriched, a process that adds back iron foods for at least half of all grains from the American Academy of Pediatrics and four B vitamins (thiamin, ribofavin, consumed. The relative amount that young children consume no more than of whole grain in the food can be niacin, and folic acid). Because of this 4 to 6 fuid ounces of 100% fruit juice per inferred by the placement of the grain [12] process, the term “enriched grains” is often day. Considerations: Individuals who eat For foods with multiple whole-grain not exceed 10 percent per day and total refned grains should choose enriched grains. Those who consume all of their grains as Grains whole grains should include some grains, Many grain foods contain both whole such as some whole-grain ready-to-eat Healthy Intake: Healthy eating patterns grains and refned grains. These foods breakfast cereals, that have been fortifed also can help people meet the whole include whole grains and limit the intake with folic acid. This is particularly important grain recommendation, especially if a of refned grains and products made with for women who are or are capable of considerable proportion of the grain refned grains, especially those high in ingredients is whole grains. Another becoming pregnant, as folic acid fortifcation saturated fats, added sugars, and/or sodium, way to meet the recommendation in the United States has been successful such as cookies, cakes, and some snack to make at least half of grains whole in reducing the incidence of neural tube grains is to choose products with at foods. If a popcorn), as well as products that include food has at least 8 g of whole grains sugars and saturated fats, such as cookies, grains as an ingredient. Healthy Children, Fit Children: Answers to Common Questions From Parents About Nutrition and Fitness. The fortifed with vitamin D), ribofavin, recommendation for protein foods in vitamin B12, protein, potassium, zinc, the Healthy U. Considerations: Fat-free and low-fat (1%) dairy products provide the same Key Nutrient Contributions: Protein nutrients but less fat (and thus, fewer foods are important sources of nutrients calories) than higher fat options, such as in addition to protein, including B vitamins 2% and whole milk and regular cheese. For example, meats Thus, increasing the proportion of dairy provide the most zinc, while poultry intake that is fat-free or low-fat milk or provides the most niacin.

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In contrast to purchase 20 mg atorlip-20 cholesterol levels paleo vaccinia and variola discount atorlip-20 20 mg with mastercard cholesterol chart age, scabs from varicella lesions are not infective purchase atorlip-20 20mg on-line cholesterol medication brands. Susceptibles have an 80%–90% risk of infection after household exposure to generic atorlip-20 20 mg overnight delivery cholesterol purpose varicella. Incubation period—2 to 3 weeks; commonly 14–16 days; may be prolonged after passive immunization against varicella (see 9A2) and in the immunodecient. Period of communicability—As long as 5 but usually 1–2 days before onset of rash, and continuing until all lesions are crusted (usually about 5 days). Patients with zoster may be infectious for a week after the appearance of vesiculopustular lesions. Susceptible individuals should be considered infectious for 10–21 days following exposure. Susceptibility—Susceptibility to chickenpox is universal among those not previously infected; ordinarily a more severe disease of adults than of children. Infection usually confers long immunity; second attacks are rare in immunocompetent persons but have been documented; subclinical reinfection is common. Viral infection remains latent; disease may recur years later as herpes zoster in about 15% of older adults, and sometimes in children. Neonates whose mothers are not immune and patients with leukaemia may suffer severe, prolonged or fatal chickenpox. Adults with cancer— especially of lymphoid tissue, with or without steroid therapy—immunodecient patients and those on immunosuppressive therapy may have an increased frequency of severe zoster, both localized and disseminated. Preventive measures: 1) A live attenuated varicella virus vaccine has been licensed for use in Japan, the Republic of Korea, the United States and several countries in Europe. This vaccine has a cumulative preventive efcacy estimated at 70%–90% in children followed for up to 6 years. If an immunized person does get “break-through varicella”, it is usually a mild case with fewer lesions (up to 50, frequently not vesicular), mild or no fever and shorter duration. The protection against zoster induced by varicella vaccine, administered either in childhood or in adult populations, is not yet sufciently documented. If administered within 3 days of exposure, varicella vaccine is likely to prevent or at least modify disease in a case contact. Priority groups for adult immunization include close contacts of persons at high risk for serious complications, persons who live or work in environments where transmission of varicella is likely. Other contraindications for varicella vaccination include a history of anaphylactic reactions to any component of the vaccine (including neomycin), pregnancy (theoretical risk to the fetus—pregnancy should be avoided for 4 weeks following vaccination), ongoing severe illness, and advanced immune disorders. Except for patients with acute lymphatic leukaemia in stable remission, ongoing treatment with systemic steroids (adults 20mg/day, children 1mg/kg/day) is considered a contraindication for varicella vaccination. A history of congenital immune disorders in close family members is a relative contraindication. Routine childhood immunization against varicella may be considered in countries where the disease is a public health and socioeconomic problem, where immunization is affordable and where sustained high vaccine coverage (85%–90%) can be achieved. A mild varicella-like rash at the site of vaccine injection or at distant sites has been observed in 2%–4% of children and about 5% of adults. Rare occasions of mild zoster following vaccination show that the currently used vaccine strains may induce latency, with the subsequent risk of reactivation, although the rate seems to be lower than after natural disease. Duration of immunity is unknown, but antibodies have persisted for at least 10 years; persistence of antibody has occurred in the presence of circulating wild virus. In hospital, strict isolation because of the risk of varicella in susceptible immunocompromised patients. It is available in several countries for high-risk persons exposed to chickenpox and indicated for newborns of mothers who develop chickenpox within 5 days prior to or within 2 days after delivery. Antiviral drugs such as acyclovir appear useful in preventing or modifying varicella in exposed individuals if given within a week of exposure. A dose of 80 mg/kg/day in 4 divided doses has been used, but no regimen is as yet generally recommended for this purpose. Infectious patients should be isolated until all lesions are crusted; exposed susceptibles eligible for immunization should receive vaccine immediately to control or prevent an outbreak. Oral valacyclovir or famciclovir are effective and well-tolerated for herpes zoster, these drugs help shorten the duration of the infection and possibly that of postherpetic neuralgia; they may shorten the duration of symptoms and pain of zoster in the normal older patient, especially if administered within 24 hours of rash onset. Epidemic measures: Outbreaks of varicella are common in schools and other institutional settings; they may be protracted, disruptive and associated with complications. Infectious cases should be isolated and susceptible contacts immunized promptly (or referred to their health care provider for immunization). Disaster implications: Outbreaks of chickenpox may occur among children crowded together in emergency housing situations. Chlamydiae are obligate intracellular bacteria that differ from viruses and rickettsiae but, like the latter, are sensitive to broad-spectrum antimicrobials. Those that cause human disease are classied into 3 species: 1) Chlamydia psittaci, the etiologic agent of psittacosis (q. Chlamydiae are increasingly recognized as important pathogens responsible for several sexually transmitted infections, with infant eye and lung infections consequent to maternal genital infection. Identication—Sexually transmitted genital infection is manifested in males primarily as a urethritis, and in females as a cervical infection. Clinical manifestations of urethritis are often difcult to distinguish from gonorrhoea and include moderate or scanty mucopurulent discharges, urethral itching, and burning on urination. In homosexual men, receptive anorectal intercourse may result in chlamydial proctitis. Complications and sequelae include salpingitis with subsequent risk of infertility, ectopic pregnancy or chronic pelvic pain. Less frequent manifestations include Bartholinitis, urethral syndrome with dysuria and pyuria, perihepatitis (Fitz-Hugh-Curtis syndrome) and proctitis.

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